Aryan Warriors w/ Heks and Kyle 11-24-13

Sinead is sick, so Kyle fills in to discuss a variety of issues with Heks, such as magic, violent racism against white people, self-defense for women, and more. Heks brings up a piece about black reparations that turns out to be satire, though it’s hard to tell with the anti-white world of today.

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Alexander (from Flanders)
8 years ago

I hope Sinead is recovering from her sickness.

8 years ago

Excellent podcast. Kyle, I liked what you said about paranormal reality. As you say, we are aware of only a small portion of Reality. I am convinced that a highly evolved National Socialist civilization exists on the higher planes, and is making contact with us today. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, the veil between the dimensions is growing thinner. I am very certain that a New Age of Light is rapidly approaching. Renegade is a point of concentrated spiritual energy. Here at Renegade, we are uniting the political with the spiritual aspects of National Socialism.

Gunnlaug Ormstungu
8 years ago is the site that lists the michigan assembly members

Abdullah Malek Washington, the alleged proponent of the alleged “SExual Reparations Bill”, is not listed

I think Heks should re-check this. To me it looks like the Diversity Chronicle was having a laugh and the story is bogus.

Reply to  Gunnlaug Ormstungu
8 years ago

Yes, the ‘Diversity Chronicle’ is actually a satire site run by a WN, there are even book reviews on WN literature.

8 years ago

Can someone give me a link about that black “civil rights” guy?

8 years ago

Really enjoyed the show. I don’t believe in ghosts as in them being lost spirits(conflicts with my belief in re-incarnation), but that’s a very interesting idea that the phenomena could be left over signals from radio or actions. I had a lot of ‘paranormal encounters’ as a child but a year or two ago I learned that they were probably result of a very common sleep disorder of which the name escapes me in which a person can start dreaming whilst still being awake if they are tired enough.(and it’s very common for children to be affected and later grow out of it.) As for Christianity, I also have to criticize it’s teaching of individuality and self importance. You have to have a lot of… Read more »

8 years ago

Brilliant Show! Get Well Soon Sinead!

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