Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinéad 1-12-14

Eggsploitation and State Funded Sex Changes

Tonight Sinéad and Heks are going to get into the dark side of the fertility industry, where young finacially strapped women are enticed to sell their eggs for large sums of money.  But this comes with a big price.  They also plan to discuss the rise in sex change operations, that we will soon be expected to pay for as taxyapers, as well as the organ trade.

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8 years ago

Great show as usual! The natural process of conception involves the strongest sperm getting to the egg first and is then ACCEPTED by the egg. The process of forcing in a sperm with a needle looks like a kind of rape in my opinion. In any case, out of millions and millions of spermatozoa, how they can find that best spermatozoum which comes to the forefront when conception occurs naturally ? I have no sympathy whatsoever with any Aryan woman who sells her most precious possession namely her DNA for money and then suffers horrible medical problems. I have a cousin who wanted a second child while in her late 40s. She went for IVF and got twins. Neither twin looks anything like either parent… Read more »

Reply to  Joshua
8 years ago

I could have a bit of sympathy depending on the woman involved. Most people are not very rational & their instincts are weak &/or perverted. Some likely think/feel that it is “good” to help a woman that wants children have one & they can make some money to boot. They were lied to since childhood about so many things all the way up to the lies the doctor told them before they embarked on this unnatural process. I have been against the idea of people having children that can’t naturally conceive ever since it was possible to get around Nature. Capable loving Whites adopting White children in need is fine.

Irish Sean
8 years ago

An other great show girls,You had me laughing out loud at 79 minutes.Here in Ireland it is full steam ahead with this craziness.A friend of mine for 30 year told me and my brother about a new Tranny bar[I don’t know if he was serious or not]He has the hump with us because we told him how we thought this was sick shit.In fairness this guy watches a lot of Talmudvision. Here is a link to an Irish political website to get a flavor of things here. If you scroll down to post 107 one of the Jewish watchdogs puts his speak in. Predictable stuff. There are a few of us who think differently but it is an uphill battle due to the… Read more »

8 years ago

Great show. No matter how different social/cultural conventions trace lineage through father or mother, the fact is that babies spend 9 months in their mothers tummies!
Food for thought.

Irish Sean
8 years ago

Seeing as it is 100 years since the start of WW1 here is an appropriate tune about two young fellows who turn down the offer of a trip to the trenches and instead give the recruiters a good beating.

Irish Sean
8 years ago

A nice tune for the end of the show seeing as you are keeping it Irish.

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