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Kevin Sommers
8 years ago

Great show as always. I’m up for doing the video editing for that video. I don’t have much experience but I know how to run the software and have a computer that should be up to the task.

8 years ago

Thanks Kevin! I’m not sure of the details on that as of yet. I’ve just now begun to brainstorm what should be said. We’ll keep you posted.

8 years ago

It is important and effective to show women voicing their support. Sponsors could contribute to help defer the costs of producing the video(s) if a campaign page is created. Laura made great videos. Remember that silly Obamagirl video the main stream media played repeatedly a few years ago to help Obama connect with his base and some people in the digital generation? Not that I’m suggesting something as debased or moronic as that particular video, since the target audience is different, just pointing out how effective a video can be.

8 years ago

THE “Stop White Genocide” Video

8 years ago

Follow the White Rabbit 3 (free speech, aryan girl rabbits and practical politics)

Follow the White Rabbit 4 (aryan girl rabbits cont., simple defense)

Reply to  europaarise
8 years ago

Would be cool if the ladies had Horus on.

8 years ago

Great show. The bit from 42:18 to 43:03 is awesome! this is pure aryan, feminin loyalty!
I wish there were more women like this today.

8 years ago

I was talking to UJG earlier and she made me realize my own stupidity. About how I talk dirty in the chat room. It’s not acceptable. I truly apologize to ALL of the Aryan Women of this show and those who tune in for my unacceptable gibberish. I’m really not a perverted guy or anything. In real life I’m a total gentleman and like to believe I was raised right (especially by my mother) to treat women with respect. I am 20 years old and have a girlfriend. Sometimes I just forget that Renegade Broadcasting is a potential vanguard for our people and forget where I am in the chat. This is a place for our people and not a locker room. I really do… Read more »

8 years ago


G here. Finally found time to listen in. Excellent radio presence. Sinead and Heks are great hosts too! Glad I d-loaded the show and caught some wisdom from 4MN too. Wondering which BUGSter Dan is. He sure puts me and my flirtations to shame. ha!

All the best from Minnie,

Alexander (from Flanders)
8 years ago

Racially aware Aryan females are GODDESSESS!!

Whenever I see, hear or talk to a racially aware female my brain and body just lights up like a Christmas tree. It’s the best motivation ever to keep up the fight, no matter what the odds.

8 years ago

I agree Alexander, hearing our pro-White women with good heads on their shoulders talk about our issues is very powerful and very encouraging. I’m a bit of an older codger (both age and involvement in this ‘movement’), so all these younger folk are nice to see. Especially the ‘White and normals’. That’s what we need more of. Lots more. I just came across Renegade for the first time. Heard about it for a little bit now but just got the time to check it out. Very good to see young proud White folk on here of both the male and female persuasion. After listening to this particular program, just wanted to give my thanks to Sinead, Heks and Laura for their contributions and standing up… Read more »

8 years ago

I am going to second several comments on here–racially aware women are the best kind. I have no desire to associate with any other type. Sinead, Heks, and Minervia especially are role models for all our ladies (thank God we have some visual ones now). Don’t beat yourself up too much about locker room chat, gentlemen. Just try to police yourselves. I used to be a Marine, and I am well aware of deployment talk. Usually, our spaces tend to be war rooms and take on said terminology, which tends to be self-reinforcing. I think it’s good to label our spaces for this very reason, and we have a lot of that going on. Most of our sites make it clear as to what is… Read more »

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