Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinead 1-26-14

Breasts and the Cancer Industry

Hex and Sinead discuss the culture surrounding breasts, breastfeeding, and cancer.

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6 years ago

Suggestions on the video: keep it simple and on point by primarily sticking to Whitaker’s mantras, the groundwork for the script has been done. Sinead said she was a singer, perhaps be creative in the video with that. Generally, people don’t have time or the attention span to watch a long video, keep it to the length of a commercial. Make a series of videos, each targeting a desired audience, ideally those with money who can provide support. People on the “front lines” are a very small percentage of the whole, and need resources and people to support them to be most effective. The SPLC, ADL, and MSM have a more difficult time bashing women, and writing them off to the public as just another… Read more »

6 years ago

You mentioned false positives in breast cancer screenings.
In a town near me in Germany there was a Scandal involving this.

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