Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinead 10-13-13

Raising Strong and Free Children

Heks and Sinéad gather this Sunday to discuss the best ways to raise a strong and free child in today’s insane world.  They discuss common misconceptions with pre-natal care, birth, and child rearing as well as take callers to join in the dicussion.

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8 years ago

Heks & Sinead, enjoyed the show immensely, your both very open. I responded to your [Sinead’s] comment I received via the admin email. Your email was in response to a comment I made on your posted strawman vid at Alternative Social. Obviously [now] that was the wrong route to take to respond…sorry, my online ignorance is showing. In regard to the show Wolf Wall Street covered a bit of what I would have intended had I forced the phone into my hand, i.e. a bit of dissuasion. The sovereign man & use of common law is not the same as ‘acting’ in commerce, the latter which I am much more familiar with. How can I get my phone number to you so that we may… Read more »

Reply to  Mike]
8 years ago

I want to make notice of yours and Heks righteous indignation for the pain of others due to their being circumcised. I’m sorry to say that I was an ignorant father to have allowed [even requested] circumcision on both of my boys, fortunately our third child is a girl. Thanks again for the emotion that brought home exactly what I had done.

8 years ago

Around one hundred years ago, if you had been extremely wealthy and powerful, much like the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s for example and yet you desired more power, how could you achieve your goals? To fulfill your needs it would be helpful if people in political circles and those who work in the legal, medical, and educational systems etc. would go along with your agenda. There is little kindness or compassion in the police officers we come in contact with at present; for the most part they are just obnoxious bullies with guns. Of course, this behavior suits the government’s needs because they want the public to be living in fear, and so, to help accomplish this, such individuals are hired to police our society. How… Read more »

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