Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinéad 10-20-13

Mythos of Feminine Sexuality

Tonight Heks and Sinéad get together to discuss the magical elements of menstruation, along with feminine sexuality, and the lies and guilt surrounding this topic. They also plan to discuss jewish smut and it’s detrimental effects on women.

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8 years ago

Love the show ladies. You bring a different feel to the conversation. maybe more practicality? I’m not sure but its definitely working. Look forward to the next podcast.
From New Zealand.

8 years ago

Holy Blood Holy Grail..
Thanks ladies..

8 years ago

Great show once again! Hurray for REAL feminism!

8 years ago

I haven’t listened to all of your broadcasts, but I would be interested to hear the two of you explore the Mature Feminine archetypes in the same vein as Moore’s (and Jung’s) King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. The Art of Manliness did a multi-part series on the subject of the Mature Masculine, but I have never seen the equivalent research on the Female “tarot”. As a male, I have my own ideas of what the Mature Feminine archetypes are, but I am curious whether the two of you might corroborate this or whether your ideas might differe significantly. If the two of you could do a show (or part of one) on this subject, I would greatly appreciate it.

Reply to  OKSpaniel
8 years ago

OK, I think I have a book on that still (Jung’s archetypes) I can dig up. I found it to be pretty interesting and I would like to know more about that subject on both masculinity and femininity. Hmm, this has my gears going on that subject thanks!

Thanks for all the comments and support everyone!

8 years ago

The round table with the ladies at the helm is great.

As for content, please ladies devote a segment each week to shaming male masturbation. Perhaps reading excerpts from journals on brain damage, explain the phenomenon of edging, how google image search results have progressively shown more hardcore/fag imagery.

Idea: Heks and Sinéad troll webcam girls. They request a private show and then ask camgirl serious questions (audio recorded of course) – are your parents proud of you? How much money does the company get from you?

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