Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinead 10-6-13

Heks and Sinéad team up again this Sunday to discuss the programming of white people from childhood.  They plan to discuss the book “To Kill A Mokingbird” that was shoved down white children’s throats, and the impact this book had on women’s views of black men, and rape.  They also plan to discuss the horrible atrocities happening to their white sisters all over the globe, as well as taking callers.

Click here to listen!

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8 years ago

Thanks Heks and Sinead.

8 years ago

I just heard your Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinead 10-6-13 show… I reside in Brooklyn and one you told the story of your repulsive White Whore friend (also in Brooklyn) and the “black guy” (nigger) from Trinidad who was beating the shit out of her, shoving her face in the toilet etc…Why are you referring to the nigger as a “black guy”…Are you afraid to speak the truth and use the proper term “NIGGER”? (vile white whore would help as well….) These vile White whore types find it very cool and sheik to pay $3000.00 a month to live in nigger neighborhoods…No normal (NORMAL) White man would ever go near any of these White cunts who have flocked to Brooklyn nigger slums from other… Read more »

8 years ago

Another great show by the gals!

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