Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinéad 11-10-13

Defeating The Rape Monkeys

Heks and Sinéad are joined by Katarina Gustavsson, an independent journalist from Sweden.  They plan to discuss the situation in Sweden and how it relates to what is going on here in the U.S.  Callers are always welcome to join in the discussion.

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What a great show! Then again opening up with Emperor I guess you can’t go wrong.
As a fellow Swede living in the cesspool of Uppsala I can only agree on how bad things are here. All the liberal shit might originate from the US but I think we take it to a new level here. This is where the high priests of political correctness dwells.

I’m very happy to hear that such a young and intelligent woman as Katarina is fighting for our cause. I’m a supporter of SvP and I will keep an eye out for your work in Realisten and Framat in the future.

Thanks again all of you for a good show!


Agreed with Sinead if you view our honest and heartfelt discussions AND female warrior attitude as bitching you should find another network!


Thanks all for another truly great and inspiring show.


Emperor! Third time within a week…you fine ladies are in control

Alexander (from Flanders)

For this show you ladies deserve an iron Cross, 1st class. 🙂

It was so great to hear several females talking sense. A breath of fresh air…

Keep up the good work!

Top shelf and more.


I really liked this show. All you 4 women are so intelligent and strong characters, yet so likable. I can not imagine anyone resisting your call for action. 🙂 That a 20 year old is now the revoluza for speaking out for tradition, normalcy and historical truth is the true threat to the Jewish narrative to control the natural desire of the youth to be different from the older. Everything is used up otherwise. Every accountant has tatoos, piercings, smoke joints and has several sex partners now. That doesn’t shock anyone anymore like it did with the youth of the 60’s-90’s. The kids that do this kind of stuff nowadays are really weaklings and mainstream and youngsters that have the desire to be different will… Read more »


Great show.

Very good show ladies, thank you. Still, I must calling attention to the fact that “free love” was Herbert Marcuse, i.e. a Jewish motive that should not be obfuscated by calling it the “hippie way”, i.e. it, free love, was not an authentic White motive, it was a Jewish trick, that is not recognized as such when calling it the “hippie way.”

– call attention to –



Why don’t you address the real problem behind all this. It is the Jew. If they went toe to toe with the white race they would lose. Cro magnon man beat the Neanderthals of which the Jews are decedents and they still hold a grudge. They have to subvert us financially and use a big mind fuck to beat us. We can bitch and moan, but that is not going to change a thing. We need a mass awakening.

I’m pretty sure we talked about the jew several times during the show. We are aware that the Jew is our enemy. Maybe listen again for what you seemed to have missed.


The unwillingness to punish criminals is another symptom of the malicious bible code malware virus. As is explained in THE BIBLE: THE DEVIL’S BOOK, in our European fairy tales, which represent the drifting remnants of a lost Golden Age, evil is always punished severely; and for a long time this was reflected in Roman, Teutonic, and English law. If our folk WILL NOT jettison this alien self-destruction manual called the bible, then Nature’s verdict (not mine) is that they deserve what they get.


Great show, btw.

I don’t see our discussions as bitching and moaning. If this is how you see it, then why are you listening?


Who is the stoned curmudgeon that has said that? i think the show was awesome, you ladies have exposed the whole situation very well!


I got your stoned curmudgeon hangin

thank you Polly : )


Very inspiring to hear strong white women who aren’t afraid to show their teeth when talking about how to deal with these sub-human Rape Monkeys. It’s funny how many men in the movement are so worried about being “tactful” and not saying anything too extreme, meanwhile you all openly say “KILL THESE PEOPLE!”. I think many more white men will get on board with what needs to be done once more women start demanding it. I just hope we’ll have enough rope. Katarina, never lose that winner’s attitude. Sweden won’t go down unless people like you give up and let it go down. Pessimism does nothing but make us weak and turn strong people away. We’re gonna win, and anyone who doesn’t join us when… Read more »


Thanx for a great show! Wow, kinda scary hearing someone tell others how crazy it is in sweden. It realy IS this crazy as its described. But thats a good thing. Things gonna go south big time here in sweden. Our rulers are so crazy that its the easiest place in the world to be a revolutionary, just watch your enemies wreck their own powerbase.

Also. Time and power is imaterial. We can retreat however long we have to retreat. Because we carry the power to reproduce ourselves within us. What is important is the culture. The culture is the software that copies the hardware. And thats the game. Reproduction.


Also, here is a link to a swedish song im listening to right now (band is not outspokenly nationalist), its about not slipping life into your pocket with your carkeys. Life should be taken seriously and it would be better if the entire world burns than living complacently.


A tip about jews, 60-80 % of them are lactose intolerant. High levels of Lactose tolerance in adults exist almost exclusively in northern europeans. So enjoy that icecream!


Thank you all for listening and supporting us! We hope to have our Swedish friend on again in the future 🙂


Some people did not like the metal intro but I say more metal !!!


Fuck yeah \m/


Great show:)


Feminists should be called rape-enablers.

Heks & Sinead, great interview with Katarina from Sweden! I have a beautiful swedish friend who i will pass this along to & hopefully she becomes aware of the rape monkeys in order to protect herself! Also quite telling about how they would like for us to be unarmed against these violent degenerates! Sofia Smallstorm – Unraveling Sandy Hook is nother Aryan beauty with pure intelligence exposing the jewish bolshevism = international communism = cultural marxism


Also our Aryan Volk need to be looking into Historical European Martial Arts



Dear Mesdames, Sorry for being late to listen to you both. Very good show! As a man it is really nice hearing White Nationalist young women state forthrightly the obvious truths and justice of our White cause. Many men who come to a White Nationalist/National Socialist weltanschuuang tend to leave their wife or girlfriend behind or even come into very real conflict with them which is basically what so often happens with their family in general often rejecting their newly realized worldview. My wife is only on-board half-way and that was a huge amount of talking and demonstrating on my part to lead her to go that far with me. Still I think if she had not had her apartment broken into, before she and… Read more »