Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinéad 11-17-13

The Detriments of The Fashion and Beauty Industries

Heks and Sinéad team up to discuss how the fashion and beauty standards of today are detrimental to young men and women.  They will discuss the sexualization of children through fashion, entertainment, and beauty industries, as well as the unrealistic image we are given of what “normal” is.

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8 years ago

Great show as always. Sucks about the creeper at the end.

Reply to  Mat
8 years ago

If you’re referring to ‘Volker’, he meant no offense. They were words of encouragement.

8 years ago

Apparently he didn’t mean anything by it so we’re all good now. Thanks for listening!

Kevin Sommers
8 years ago

Great show. I can say as a guy that Victoria’s Secret models are some of the ugliest women out there. Personally I find makeup, hair dye, and all that fake stuff a turn-off. I noticed a strange trend in my high school in that there are a lot of guys out there who declare themselves asexual. I have to wonder if it’s because they just have never seen a real woman in their lives or if it’s just another one of the issues our society suffers from at fault. And you’re so right about women able to be abusive(especially Jewish women, they can even be worse than their men.) I’ve talked about my past before but I don’t know if you two frequent the same… Read more »

Reply to  Kevin Sommers
8 years ago

Yeah, i see “regular” women walking the streets that far more attractive than most of these super models of the fashion and movie industries. But it makes part of the program, they promote a certain type of beauty (or disguised ugliness)that is not exactly the best example of genetic or physical good shape.
Jewish women – far more impossible than their men! – correct on all accounts!
And yes, if all the jews would be put in israel (or any other place) without any goyem to
kill, swindle, poison and harass they would feel a great deal of emptiness in their lifes, to begin with.
They would end up by killing each other or starve to death.

Alexander (from Flanders)
8 years ago

For some reason I can’t download this show (Ihave tried for 2 or 3 days now). I can only make some pop-up player appear to listen online.

I have had no problem with any other recent show.

Reply to  Alexander (from Flanders)
8 years ago

Right-click on this link and click “save link as”:

Alexander (from Flanders)
Reply to  Renegade
8 years ago

Thank you. It works fine.

Can’t wait to listen to the Aryan ladies. 🙂

8 years ago

thanks for the kind words everyone!

8 years ago

01:47-01:48 – Right on target ladies! – That’s exactly how the jews (and macho-latinos) regard motherhood, altough some people say they trace their lineage through the mothers.
It’s weird, but what could be expected?

8 years ago

Good show, Ladies. You’ve encouraged me to look at Jimmy Choo’s poisonous advertisements. Check this one:

Btw, Choo is not black, he’s a Chinaman.

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