Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinéad 11-3-13

Building Our Own Communities

Tonight Heks and Sinéad get together to discuss alternatives to modern marriage ceremonies, and how to become more self sufficient while building communities of like minded people.  Callers are always welcome to join the discussion.

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8 years ago

Great show tonight ladies. Keep doing your thing and fighting the good fight 🙂

8 years ago

Being is a verb and it acts on impinged upon boundaries: White Nationalists need not and should not buy into stereotypes about the “hippies” motives that have been promoted by Jewish media and academics. Not only is it unnecessary but it is destructive to the essentially necessary motive of the the time, which was White male dasein (there-being) among nation, community etc (midt dasein). It is essential to our survival; and I believe, why Heidegger focused so much attention on it. That, as opposed to being drafted into The Viet Nam war which had nothing to do with any clear and necessary defense of White interests. Here, a useful distinction might be drawn between seeing our organic connection as White communities, nations, whose men will… Read more »

8 years ago

when i talk to my peers and they are flapping their gums about the new reality show on the televitz i tell them i dont want television. They ask me if im a hippy with all that ‘kill your tv’ rhetoric. i say no, i dont watch the box because of all the lying jews and glorification of niggers. they quickly shut their mouths. in my opinion hippies had it right, except for the race issue and as the poster above said that was subverted by jewish interests. they are anti capitalism, anti war, pro community, pro farming, anti GMO, they just need to be pro white. hitler after all was a vegetarian and animal lover <3

Reply to  flower power
5 years ago

Im Germany Woman from the DDR Eastberlin when the Wall was still up we were isolated from the rest of the World , and our Tv programmes and Books were limited . When Flower Power and Rock N Roll was rocking the World in the 70s , spreading love and peace to all people ” even Peace 4 the Niggroes ” Teenagers in my youth in Eastberlin missed out on Love and Peace , the people in my life i grew up with only knew Niggers from Comicbooks and Karl May Atventure Books or Tarzan and Jane … They were Animalistic apelike dumb naked Big Fat Lips flat noses and looked as nothing more then Pet-Chimpanzees or little servants that obey any Command by the… Read more »

8 years ago

Flower power says: “in my opinion hippies had it right, except for the race issue and as the poster above said that was subverted by jewish interests.” They didn’t really have race totally wrong, either. It was more the case that they had little to say abut it because it (black power and violation of White association) was in an opposite direction of the hippie motive, which was downward into organic being. (Betty Friedan’s Jewish feminism was in opposite direction from organic being for White men as well). Those radicals who may have adopted hippie trappings, while advocating black power and violation of White association, were either Jews, Jew thinkers, or useful tools for their lack of understanding of their authentic motive. They were not… Read more »

8 years ago

Another great presentation ladies! I’ll have more to say latter,unfortunately iam real busy right now! Keep up the great work! Heilsa

8 years ago

The Volkisch, Lebensreform, and German Nudist movements, and the early organic/greens were the original hippies in my opinion

Reply to  Antiochus
8 years ago

Yeah that is for certain. As We all know those solid ideas were usurped by commie hippies. Let’s take it back 🙂

8 years ago

Here a wonderful song with inspiring pictures of Aryan women.

8 years ago

The importance of breastfeeding would be a good discussion.

8 years ago

Thank you Markus!

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