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8 years ago

Hey gals, sorry i wont be around for the show tonight. But i’ll leave some info on the inquisition.

This was a pocket hand book on how to hunt witches. Realeased back in the 1400.
Author(s): Heinrich Kramer and, credited but under modern academic dispute, Jacob Sprenger
Written by our good friends, The jews.
Wish you girls a good show.

Kevin Sommers
8 years ago

Great show as always. Some of those procedures you were talking about made me feel as if I was going to throw up. Not because I’m squeamish hearing about medical procedures, but because my intuition was just telling me these things were so wrong. They’re traumatizing and hurting children at as early an age as they can get their hands on them. Your show should be required listening for all in this movement, more than anything else these issues show us why we need to get right to work even for us men. It’s downright embarrassing that our ancestors have allowed this to go on.

8 years ago

Sinead, your beautiful voice will live Forever in the hearts of our Folk.

8 years ago

Great show. I agree with the comments above from Jim & Kevin. Most folks within the movement put blind faith in the Medical/Drug complex.

Christian Torture Devices

Reply to  Bill Rhyes
8 years ago

Good site for stuff like that:
Couple things are a bit off but it’s for the most part quite revealing and well sourced.

8 years ago

Awesome Show Ladies!

Alexander (from Flanders)
8 years ago

I became a fanatic Black Metal fan in the early/mid nineties because I hated what the church had done to our people. This was before the internet of course, but me and my comrades still found out about the evil crimes the christians commited. I visited several museums in Flanders (belgium) and Germany were they displayed all kinds of torture devices. Stuff that was actually USED on human beings. Really sick and diabolical contraptions. Even today (I’m 35) I have a hatred of the church. I try to hide that rage because I don’t want to cause infighting, but it’s damn difficult at moments. What really angers me is that the average Joe and Jill sixpack don’t know what happened. How many people know for… Read more »

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