Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinead 12-29-13

The Power of Cognitive Dissonance

Hex and Sinéad discuss the extreme ammounts of cognitive dissonance present within our society, as well as the blatant miscegenation programing in media, and it’s detrimental effects on men and women.

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8 years ago

I am probably one of many who don’t listen to you live, but listen to your podcasts instead. Excellent stuff…on many levels. Very refreshing to hear common sense spoken, so keep up the good work!

8 years ago

YAHOO! You ladies do such good work.You both ROCK!

8 years ago

Right on target about the alien psy-op! the fact is that the existence of aliens doesn’t
make the racial cause any less legitimate and righteous.

8 years ago

I made the alien points long ago, which is why I say fuck you Jim and you’re alien shit! at least you’re 71 and your whole generation and older will be dead soon, can’t wait, the “retarded generation” will be gone!

I have many more logical points but I can never speak on these shows, fuck you Dana! stop smoking and save that money with the other chain smoking, alcoholic hosts…

In this show they are way too kind about “saving” the white women that choose to fuck niggers. I hope they all just O.J.’d, aka MURDERED!

Alexander (from Flanders)
8 years ago

It was strange hearing how (I believe it was) Sinead once believed in the lies of multikulti and eventually found the truth. That means we can save alot of the “sheep” out there. Maybe you could use you’re own awakening process to reach others.

I do not agree however with saving racemixers. I want them ****. To me they are worse then the worsed ***, and I refuse to give them a pass. Not now, not ever.

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