Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinead 2-16-14

Vaccines, SIDS, and Shaken Baby Syndrome

Hex and Sinéad plan to discuss the link between rising rates of ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’, ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’ and vaccination reactions.  Are parents being wrongly accused of hurting their babies?  They also plan to discuss the eerie new trend of ‘reborn babies’.

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8 years ago

I fell asleep shortly after the show last night so I can’t remember everything I wanted to say (did this last week too.). I did have this tab open though
Is it relevant? LOL.

8 years ago

When a Pig is released into the wild they grow fur and tusks and get extremely aggressive and quickly revert back to their natural state and the genes that were turned off when domesticated turn back on. I wonder if you took the modern Western man and women and put them in them out in nature away from modern technology and civilization, if they would revert back to their normal state? Would a group of modern Swedes if left out in wilderness away from civilization for a year turn into Vikings? If we were to leave this fucked up civilization and go out to nature if this could heal us? When you discuss the epidemic of manboobz, the war on children, and the insanity of… Read more »

Reply to  Bill
8 years ago

Dear Sir, You got an interesting insight there but I don’t think Northern Alaska would be good for us. Colder than COLD! Whites are really better suited to the temperate climes and frankly I wouldn’t want to go! The winters in the heartland are already pretty long and cold and snowy as it is! But it is the 7-9 months of outdoors activity that really bonded me here! I love the cold winter months when it is above zero and snowy outside for some sledding and brisk activity but I got to have the warm, hot, and mild temps to thrive I think! Come out to the rural areas! Just making it in a rural area for a while and being closer to the forests… Read more »

8 years ago

Dear all, I just wanted to state since the issue of chemtrails came up again: I am living now back where I grew up, Cedar county IA for those who want a very specific area and I went outside for a walk as the temperature here just broke back into the 40’s after weeks of very cold temps and more snow than ever! literally! As I walked I looked up into the sky viewing the oaks in town as I walked and always do when walking with my eyes often skyward and often searching and seeking the horizon or the realm where the sun meets the majestic blue. WELL today the sky was a beautiful bright blue! Not a single cloud! I did see the… Read more »

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