Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinead 2-23-14

Creating New Traditions

Heks and Sinéad discuss our loss of Aryan traditions, and our need to bring them back whilst tailoring them to our current times.

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You keep me waiting is a wicked track. Just saying.

Thank you!


..always loved that Heart song (and the rest of that album) that you started the show with. The Wilson Sisters are exemplars of our women rocking at their coolest, right along their men – doing it so well that could be only be welcome by normal men. “Even it up” is another one that is especially good:


– doing it so well that it could only be welcome by normal men.


One thing i wouldnt advocate is white women going around adopting third world techniques: like tying their babies up with a piece of string to their backs in some kind of Nubian Poverty Papoose, i see these groids in local shops , from Ghana, they tie their babes up to their backs in a home made papoose with some old piece of cloth or a bandage and its just ridiculous. Onto your post partum traditions? im reading this book regarding atlantean connections to ‘modern’ civilisation at the moment ,and this was mentioned, so i thought id pass it on to you: “The practice remarked by Marco Polo continues to this day among the hill-tribes of China. “The father of a new-born child, as soon as… Read more »


Do you have kids Deucalion? Have you ever tried one of those ‘third world shitty slings’? My wife and I both used it when our Baby was 0~3 months old. Its a great device to be honest. You get to keep your hands free, you dont need to be on the same poistion for 3 hours holding 3,5~5kg. Also keep in mind that the babies spends 9 months inside your wifes body and out of all the sounds he hears, the only constant sound is the heart beat. When he comes out of the womb he no longer hears the heart beats nor feel her heat. Putting him in the string and strapping it to your chest/back calms him down. He feels pretty close to… Read more »


perhaps youre trying to make up for your earlier faux pas sans “CoolBrguy…you are NOT so cool!”, only pulling your …um..leg? there. Yeah i do have children, well child, [i got myself out of the habit of calling children , kids] to be honest shes a teenager now and doing well for herself all of her own volition, but no i never walked around with the bairn tied to my back with an old bandage in the self styled poverty papoose, but of course theres no reason why you shouldnt utilise that mode of carrying the child ,just use a proper papoose not an old string, or bandage. I mean, i hear ya, carrying the bairn around as a toddler is tough work when youre… Read more »