Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinead 3-23-14

White Slavery in 2014

While most of the media today is still whining about the black slave trade from over 200 years ago, Hex and Sinead plan to cover the white slave trade that is  still rampant today.  You won’t hear about the white slave trade of today from your jewish owned media, since they are one of the main culprits behind the trade.  This will be a very dark topic, and may be difficult to listen to, but this MUST be discussed.  Something MUST be done to stop this once and for all.

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Absolutely correct. This problem is especially acute in Europe, where the white population is being replaced so rapidly, that they have become even more of a sick, “commodity,” to the eternal enemy.


I would go as far as to say that our entire global family has became a slave race to the eternal enemy at this stage, which is why i am cautious about any verbose claims that the White man is their number one threat – to me it seems that we have been entirely infiltrated, subverted, subdued, pacified, domesticated, made into docile, weak, pathetic effeminate creatures lacking all will to power and vital existence; part of this could just be our racial karmic cycle that the enemy is taking advantage of, much of it due to Christian morality i’m sure – who knows. Now this doesn’t mean the Aryan warrior is not going to reclaim the future, but we should be very humble about our… Read more »

^^^ Well said, Dana. Very well said.


Good points and i agree that this shows how weak we have become some of our doing but conquered is.the perfect word for what has happened. i get so angry as those girls who are enslaved look like me. In a sense they are me! I think given some time people will aim for that solution. To create families and be self sufficient as we once were. To be people of the earth both practically and spiritually. So people start having kids! Grow food and arm your women.


And ya christianity has been used to weaken us and as for white women who are already altruistic this is so dangerous.

Dear Dana as our melanin proficient fellow lesser thrall race would say “I feel you bruh.” But did we ever see each other as a family? I have a hard time in just trying to be like a big brother and getting through to and helping our younger people in their early twenties here as best I can while being a father to two growing little barbarians of the future! Proud Dad here! Help and love your own where you are and be ready to fight and defend our young women where you are! and don’t hate on your own people frankly! Though I don’t consider a lot of ‘whites’ as my people! and by that I mean the basically 75% who should be sterilized… Read more »

Hey Konrad,

Just in case you missed my response to your comment on my show:

Thanks Sir! I did not miss it and I appreciate it! Just am a guy who on one hand came into full embrace of his Germanic heritage, his own recent family heritage fighting and serving the Greater German Reich and Der Fuhrer through a very strict Scientific Revisionism which I think Friedrich Paul Berg is the greatest representative! So my desire to be faithful and thorough going as possible in finding hard proof is important! BUT But but! Serrano, Heidentum, Aryanism/Esoteric National Socialism, whatever it is called, Serrano has been the most important guide for me finding and realizing my own Blood and its singing Memory! Traditio- etc. Difficult for me to convey here really! Basically it is the Esoteric, the occult, the spiritual, and… Read more »


Slaughter for all rapists and traffickers

Dear Heks!
Hell yeah!
That is why I fantasize freeing and giving these women machine guns!
I am quite a chivalrous man but I wouldn’t fuck with a woman who is out for vengeance. The statue of Kali represents something deeply real that is to be feared in our women! and is a wrath that our enemies deserve in full. In my own life, I never have been able to fully trust more than two of my male friends to be there for me but my girls were always there when I needed them through thick and thin!
This is truly in keeping with the prophecy of the Kali Yuga!
No peace without Justice!
Let streets flow with their blood!

Dear Aryan Women,
Just wanted to restate the obvious: that having good strong young female voices talking about this is so important. I really wish we could have more female involvement and more normal white men also frankly! Your presence, I hope, is symptomatic of a trend of normal white women waking up! While normal I will also state you two are definitely exceptional as well!

thanks for the show heks and sineade, very smart women 🙂


I don’t know if you all are aware of it yet but crazy Yulia is calling for genocide and the use of nuclear weapons against the Russians.
Leaked Yulia Tape: “Time to Grab Guns and Kill the Damn Russians and Their Leader”
If words become deeds we may all have a very big problem.

Some of the older whites are a lost cause. I used to hang around a forum that was fully of old hippies(and in general just people aged 30-80, mostly all white.) Their view on relationships was just toxic. I had to just leave the forum completely when one of them said “A woman’s job is simply keeping the stomach full and the balls empty.” Seriously, fuck that guy.

It may be overly cynical but one of the reasons we need racial separation is so that we can focus 100% on our own problems.


Someone genetically ‘White’ committing deplorable acts against individuals of the collective should no longer be considered part of the collective; “White”. Such individuals should be ruthlessly weeded out. There is no greater danger than the danger within.

Kevin S., Sie haben Recht!

The baby boomer generation, overall, is completely lost. Until they are dead, expect total chaos and lunacy in the “news,” and in reality on the ground.

Would be, “KKK,” Supreme Court Justice Bork pointed this out in his classic, “Slouching Towards Gammorah,” as did many talk show hosts back in the day.

Thanks ladies, yet again, for a topical and entertaining show!


The late, great Dr. William L. Pierce gave a speech on this subject in one American Dissident Voices broadcast back in 1998. Sadly, little has changed and most likely has gotten worse. Here’s the link in case anyone hasn’t heard it: “Jews have been dominant in the slave trade since at least Roman times — especially the trade in White slaves. Jewish slave dealers followed Caesar’s armies everywhere — into Gaul, into Germany, and into other northern lands — eager to buy as slaves all of the captives of the Romans — especially the female captives. Jews have remained dominant in the White slave trade until the present day — although during the Middle Ages the Christian Church tried unsuccessfully a number of times… Read more »


Hey, I’ve been listening since day one and sharing the show with lots of people… and I’m not much of a commenter 🙂 but is Aryan Women finished? It’s been a few weeks now since the last show, and we’re wondering what happened!!

Hope everything’s well with Heks and Sinead and Shannon.