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8 years ago

Regarding forming communities, that strategy works right up until the system notices your community is too white.

Reply to  Mike
8 years ago

That’s why we would keep it very small to a few families that we know personally. I hope other people will organize small communities with other families they know and trust.

Reply to  Sinead
8 years ago

This^ The community needs to be informal. Which means it should be multi-tiered. One layer for all the prospectives and another layer for solid Pro-Whites who can be depended on. Being informal means that it will be hard to detect its whiteness,because it’s hard to gauge exactly who is in and who is out from the outside. Being multi-tiered means that it can be small (inner party) while looking like it is large (outer party). So what looks like a barbecue cookoff gathering open to anyone can be a place for pro-white support and outreach. We need to get into a permanent racial mindset now, because the system we’ve been living in either will break up, or already is doing so. We can become more… Read more »

8 years ago

Theres this ‘palliative care’ process in hospitals here called the LCP ‘liverpool care pathway, being across the other side of the big water you may not have heard of it. Its supposed to be an ‘end of life process’ but was being abused for a long time before it came to light

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