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8 years ago

Welcome back Hexes and Sinead ^-^

8 years ago

Ladies, Welcome Back!

8 years ago

Excellent show ladies! I finally got my younger sister to listen to your show live and it went better than expected. Despite that groid trolling you guys, it was a great show all around, especially that last part.

8 years ago

I think it’s quite likely that the words Ostara and Easter and Eos all have common origins during prehistoric times. They all have been used to refer to the East (where the dawn begins), Spring (the “dawn” of life every year), and sex and fertility (and their obvious asociation with Spring). From Eos we get not only “East” and “Easter” but also “estrus” and “estrogen” and probably many others.

Excellent show.

8 years ago

Thanks guys! We appreciate the support 🙂

8 years ago

Welcome back, I missed the shows. 🙂 As you(Sinead) know I’m currently working on a dating site for the movement. It’s specifically going to be designed so that the profiles don’t give too much information to prevent the ‘shopping for people’ aspect or people being discounted for nonsensical reasons(so disturbing to picture someone going through profiles counting off people based on their interests/favorite foods/favorite color.) Mainly we’re just going to have age/ethnic group on the profile as well as if someone is looking to start a family. Basically you won’t know too much about a person until you talk to them! I’d appreciate any critique or ideas to make the site more white and less Jewy(as dating sites already kind of lead toward the second.… Read more »

Reply to  Kevin Sommers
8 years ago

And that is amazing advice Urban. Going to promote that on my site. Really I want to promote everything the women have brought up. If the Jews are going to target children, we need to one-up them and target people before they become parents.

8 years ago

Great to listen to you girls again. (Good that you) don’t let the slanderers and stalkers bring you down! It’s what happens to so many people that step on the toes of the jews: they get harassed and slandered. Because they don’t have any argument of value against you in first place. Right now the enemy wants you ladies to quit because he knows that the presence of women is extremely important in a movement that has been labeled as a repository for male rejects and losers. The race war against the white male in which everything is done to keep us out of society, out of work and separated from our women, is at its peak. If you know you’re right and you’re conscience… Read more »

8 years ago

Great to have the Aryan Women back on the air. Excellent show 😀

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