Aryan Women w/ Heks and Sinead 9-29-13

Heks and Sinéad team up to discuss what it’s like to be a young white woman in this multicultural hell hole.  They plan to discuss ways to get women more involved  and aware of their enemies.  They also will be discussing what it really means to be a woman and a man, and how we need cooperation between the sexes to make this world a much more beautiful place.

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Excellent podcast…Keep it going!.checkout this website…..please join we need you

Thank you! : )

Nice show! Good to hear some female voices on the radio for something different! Keep tellin’ it like it is!

Thanks for listening : )

Kelly McNeely

Hello Sinead, I just wanted to say that I am another female who does support your message! You and Heks are not alone in the world of rational thought. I am 30 years old and a mother of two. I do stay at home but am also involved in an apprenticeship to learn the skill and art of midwifery. Perhaps the lack of presence of women in our age group is that it is very hard to search out this kind of information and listen to podcasts and read forums while raising kids and trying to manage a household. I was very thrilled to hear that Heks has noticed young women paying an interest in these topics. I feel like we could really make a… Read more »

Hey Kelly! A fellow Mc! Thank you so much for your kind words. Your statement about homeschooling while working gives me hope. I think it would be much easier for us to homeschool and work if we had a community that was close knit and could help eac other out. For example the parents, could take turn doing school days or something. Just a thought : ) Thank you for listening! Have you checked out I think you would really like it. It’s a site that Kyle put together for us. We share ideas, and stories w/ each other, and it’s our first attempts at building a strong community. : ) I hope to see you over there!


Very good show. What is the song at the beginning of the show, it was beautiful.

It’s called ‘The Voice’ by Celtic Women. Their voices are so beautiful. : ) thanks for listening


Thankyou Sinead

Alexander (from Flanders)

Good to hear some intelligent and brave ladies talking sense.

Here in Europe I see more and more woman, and often young girls, speaking out against the liberal-social monstrosity. This is a sign that our ideas have broken out of the box. That we are slowly making progress.

Please do not listen to any naysayers out there. They are deliberately trying to derail the movement. Some of their favourite tactics:

– scaring away females
– causing infighting
– spreading negativity
– wierdness…

I truly wish you both the best and hope that many more shows will follow.

BTW: Is the young lady with the name “Heks” (means “witch” in my language) of Dutch/Flemish background?


“Here in Europe I see more and more woman, and often young girls, speaking out against the liberal-social monstrosity.” I can vouch for this, I have more female friends on my side than males.

Thank you! I believe Heks is of Norwegian decent, but I’m not 100% sure. I really appreciate the encouragement.


Awesome show ladies! Wish I could have listened live. Hope you do it again soon.

Thanks Shannon! We are going to be live tonight at 8pm. I hope you call in! : )


Just caught up with your show, and would like to offer my gratitude for hosting on renegade and thanks for a great show. Ill look forward to more…

We are doing another show tonight at 8pm. I hope you can make it : )