Blitz: A Real Case Against the jews (11-27-20)

Kyle reads Marcus Eli Ravage’s “A Real Case Against the Jews,” which explains how judeo-Christianty has been the real jew coup.

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Anthony Roberts
1 month ago

Straight out of an actual ‘supremacist’s’ mouth with zero guilt, as to be expected. He delights in explaining their various mind and body poisons, over the centuries. Oh the mockery and disdain for their cattle.

Like a cat playing with a stunned White mouse, they are about to deliver that final death ‘jab’, that will zombiefy and enslave us completely. We must have a spiritual, cerebral and physical ‘awakening,’ to stop this reset.

P. S. Kyle, Sinead and a few others can only do so much. Now is the moment to act, and to act decisively against a group of beings that will not stop. Fight clever, fight hard, but fight NOW, to save our children.

Yukon Jack
1 month ago

“Judeo-Christianty has been the real jew coup.” Exactly. White people (and any other race) that was converted to Christ Insanity lost their identity when they were converted into being a Jew slave based on the Bible text. There is no polite way of telling a believer that they were duped and that a Christian is a Jew whore. It is Christianity that allows the Jews to exploit white nations to be fodder in their wars, and not just at the high levels of power, all the way down to the local parish or congregation where the preacher will not talk about Jewish control, nor about the evils of Israel, nor about the criminal authority that sends boys into the horror of wars. And the deception… Read more »

Robert Heimdal
1 month ago

Great exposé. After listening to this podcast there is nothing left to say about the JP (jewish problem) – it’s case closed. I wonder what Mr. “Logos Media” has to say about all this.

Reply to  Robert Heimdal
1 month ago

Jan wrote us an e mail saying that we’re “jewish” because we don’t accept “Logos”. Projection much?

Robert Heimdal
Reply to  Sinead
1 month ago

That guy is a psycho.

1 month ago

409 years ago was the start of the modern jewish revolutionary spirit, the KJV BIBLE and it’s magic psycho babble.

Eye opener
1 month ago

Hitler’s Table Talks was my eye opener. Especially the quote where Hitler says Christianity was Proto-Bolshevism, then Axe Of Perun’s article, Varg’s video(although now he behaves badly, he is and was completely right about Christianity), Charle’s Truth Hertz( I literally listened to all his shows in the archives from 2011), Charle’s What Is Wrong With the Bible?, Third Reich Original books, Henrich Himmler’s speech, a number of memoirs of people who were close with Hitler( from which I was able to get the real feelings of Hitler towards Christianity), Hitler’s speech(in some speeches Hitler openly criticizes Christianity such as his “Why We Are Antisemites” 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus ) etc

David Stilley
1 month ago

I loved it enough that I’m listening again. Thanks Kyle from a new follower. I really enjoy your podcasts on this channel.

1 month ago

Nailed that one.

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