Blitz: Artistic Insight from the Third Reich (7-10-19)

Kyle reads some speeches and an article from the Third Reich that had to do with the importance of utilizing the creative genius of the German people for the upliftment of the folk.

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1 year ago

A very good show tonight, Kyle!
One of the things that fascinated me with the Third Reich as a child was
their creativity, the respect they had for beauty.

1 year ago

Those were some powerful statements on art. Got me reflecting on the responsibility artists have to point out what blocks us or advances us, and to help design a way forward. Oh that North America will one day rise to her sunken soul, find it, revive it, and set it free to bring beauty, to scream truth, to share the burden and blessing of being alive and work it into art. It’s always with us, the intrinsic potential to create what is good, useful, important, stirring, and transformative. One of the readings mentioned a “lack of interest” in art. Though the reasons cited from the last century are their own, “lack of interest” today has been purposeful, with the intentional removal of passion concerning art.… Read more »

1 year ago

Awesome show once again Kyle, as always.
This really has some profound words all artists should take to heart.

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