Blitz: The Color of “Blood Money” is Commie Red (5-14-19)

Kyle talks about blacktivist group Color of Change and their “blood money” campaign to get credit card companies to cut off pro-Whites, and he gets into the revolutionary background of the organization. This is all part of the White genocide agenda that is easily proven, which is why we are also being censored.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

The jewish supremacists are pushing this cashless system to hasten their slave jutopia. Every detail of your being will be put on a zog-chip, and stapled under your skin.

White dissidents will be completely cut-off, and left defenceless. Yid coin? I haven’t a clue how it works, but i bet there’s a semitic mind behind it. Just be careful with your ones & zeros.

PS Thanks Kyle. This should be a wake-up call to all bystanders. Keep going, mate. The Aryan mind can overcome any (((problem))).

5 years ago

I agree ,Kyle there is a serious problem, BUT lets not forget how this problem started. Put your emotions aside and think about what |I am saying White people ,and yes I am white,IRISH, who had to deal with British thinking the same thing about we Irish, because like your Indigenous, we were slaughterd (OVER 5MILLION OF US, most just since 1850) for over 600 years and we ARE White. You seem to be quite informed,Kyle, and you must realize WHITE people have been saying and doing the same about and to BLACK people, for 300 years and I still read and hear Whites sayiing those despicable words – “Kill all Black people”. I follow about 40 Alt.News Sites and I see the same hatred… Read more »

Reply to  Freespirit
5 years ago

Obvious troll is obvious ^

The Bull
Reply to  Freespirit
5 years ago

Your name should be Freeshit because that’s what your spewing. Someone call an exterminator that deals with trolls.

Reply to  Freespirit
5 years ago

For an Irish person who visits Renegade you should hang you head in shame for getting some very basic facts about our history wrong. There was many more factors to gaining our so called independence than simply saying we won it through gurrilla warefare. We were under the heel for 800 years and if the British wanted to rule over us as they had, they could have easily continued to do so for another 800+ years. Instead they changed tact and like all Judeo communist regimes they rule from the shadows giving us the illusion that we rule ourselves. Just as in 1916 the Irish are not in control of our country. The Republic was the free state of Britain. Today the Republic of Ireland… Read more »

Reply to  Freespirit
5 years ago

This illiterate idiot said in another comment “I am not Jewsh. In fact I am White, Religiously, ATHEIST, Politcally Libertarian and Governmentallly, Anarchist” & it also always uses capital “J” (and now capital “Z” here also) – hmmmmmmm. It also had the gall to say I was using “trash English” LOL! Probably just more hasbara immaturity but if not “illiterate idiot” still stands – in fact that works perfectly for hasbara too.

Reply to  Freespirit
5 years ago

please include a tl;dr next time, stopped reading a few lines in

Reply to  Freespirit
5 years ago

Self hatred is sick. You have been thoroughly indoctrinated into the antiWhite mentality. There’s nothing worse than a White antiWhite.

Foster XL
Reply to  Jmcaul
5 years ago

Yes agreed, and what these traitors never seem to grasp all through history is that whenever the enemy thinks it has gained the upper hand, the collaborators are always the first ones they eliminate due to the fact they know anyone who betrays their own people can NEVER be trusted in ANY situation! Case in point most recently was the liberal reporter in South Africa who asked the black politician if she would be killed after he made a statement about killing ALL whites. One has to wonder with these liberal SJW traitors if the resounding simple “yes” reply she received even truly sunk in. So in the end traitors are loved by nobody & always get what they deserve for selling out their own.… Read more »

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