Blitz: Controlled Demolition of the Vampire Economy (11-20-19)

Kyle speaks about what is happening to the US economy today, how much better off we would be without the war on terror, and what we can learn from the National Socialist economic miracle of the 1930s.

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Great good show Kyle, very powerful! Thank you…


OF EGOS AND SOCK-PUPPETS I’ve been chosen as the “personal favorite.” “Call in!” “Call in!!!” – Spoken in the imperative. Equivalent to: “Jump through hoop!” Jump through hoop!!!” I don’t respond well to commands, and find myself needing to be accountable to no one but myself, for in that I am hard-pressed to do the right thing. Also asserting my right to privacy. None know all the deeds of another, be it their failures or their victories, or their activism beyond commenting. I read coercion as a toxic stew feigning encouragement. Ad homs: Often born of frustration and usually the refuge of the intellectually bankrupt. Fight with facts and beg me not to take advantage of your weaknesses. Seems it’s up to each to find… Read more »


ps: Sorry for grammatical errors.

Surplus (<-a fake name), has given so many ''sock puppet'' names to Sinead. He changes the name he gives her every week! LOL All of his accusations, he himself is guilty of! The amount of projecting this guy does is 10/10. Who in their right mind would call in to talk to someone so vile and obnoxious, who they already disagree with? What would be the point? It's obvious he would just lose his marbles, either mute or straight up hang up on you when confronted with any of the 6 million issues someone can have with him. I find no value in listening to degenerates on air, other than just using the information to become more alert and aware of their tactics, witness just… Read more »


Truthfully, he’s new for me. I know very little about him, having never even hearing of WTFR. But the conflict took me there and I am still learning about who he is. I do remember a while back his split with Renegade and there, too, I don’t have every detail. My point here was to find a way to personally disengage from the battle and move forward and to share my thoughts on the matter. Speaking only for myself, I really do think that to move forward is more productive than remaining in the ring or than following anyone into it.



Just ignore him ladies. He enjoys getting the attention his parents never gave him and it shows.


Copy that.

I’m calling this psycho Shauny psyop since these tactics seem like another version of ((John Minedao)) and the (((GDLs))) efforts to latch onto Renegade, even though K&S made it loud and clear they did not want their organization (Renegade) or themselves, attached to anything even remotely degenerate, because just as the world has witnessed with JM & GDL, it’s all about dragging the good people down into the miserable mess that is the (((modern world))). I don’t know what else to call this besides bolshevik ‘turd in the punch bowl’ technique. Join the club, share a drink from the bar, and everyone’s now diseased. He really gives off that super creepy maniacal joker vibe.. delusional to the max. No thanks Shaun, I don’t want… Read more »

I agree with you Elizabeth, however I do think it is important to recognize and call out the tactics employed by demoralization agents such as Shaun Surplus, Mike Sledge and Tabitha. These three have spent the last few months ”relentlessly exposing” ‘Rengrenade’, and in their efforts have fully exposed themselves as demoralization agents, and nothing more. WTFradio’s whole ‘shtick’ revolves around promoting alcohol, vulgarity, divorce, recycled detrimental health trends, victim blaming wounded, disenfranchised or dead Whites, and attacking via ”mock value”, women. This kind of insane hypocrisy perpetuates the imagery that ‘White Nationalsim’ is just a joke. With TCTA, there is no effort to reach any cohesion or create understanding among pro-whites. Shaun takes pride in being the noxious mouth piece for frustrated ”White” men,… Read more »


Thanks, Amber. I can only be who I am in each instance. Sometimes that’s “calling out,” and sometimes it’s disengaging. And when I speak of “disengaging” it is not about disengaging from Renegade, but from the toxic energy that flows from the attacks, especially the groundless ones that name us as “sockpuppets” attempting to make us into non-entities who actually do not exist. It seems to me some are sinking their own ship. As of this morning it’s gotten quite amusing to witness. For now I’m following my own advice and also Sinead’s, and will “ignore” the onslaught. I’m rootin’ for
integrity, from wherever it springs and I definitely know I exist.

I innerstand where your coming from and what your saying, as well as share the intentions, in the seeking of integrity. Ever onwards and upwards. I appreciate Renegade’s standards, their removing of the dead weight, and their firm stance on non-accommodating degeneracy. ”If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” A friend of mine shared a phrase that has always stuck in my head – ”If you do what’s right, you’ll take care of who’s right.” I know I’m not Sinead, and anyone who follows RB or the tribune, knows it too! lol – yet this is what they fear most, that there is more than one woman out there who share’s Sinead’s sentiments. Keeping women silent about the war that is being… Read more »


Fantastic quote!! Thanks, Amber.

No worries Sinead. You’re done now. We have emails coming in left right and center about you frauds! Come on the show. Or let me come on yours, slag bag. I’ll tear you a new one!


Hi Shaun. I’m sorry that you feel the need to obsess over us here. It seems to be negatively impacting your mental health. Have you tried yoga or meditation? Also, quitting the booze might also help.

Isn’t it con-venient that emails are documents that only you can read? ”Or let me come on yours” – don’t you know that Saturdays are usually live? You can call in, but don’t be surprised if you get hung up on when you lose your marbles. Renegade listener’s don’t stick around for ”the drama”, most are here because they actually care about their lives, and the children of the world’s future. Also, you will have to talk to Kyle too, which will be very difficult for you, since it’s clear you do not have a grip on your emotions. Actually, I would love to hear you phone in and attempt to have a sensible man to man conversation with Kyle, instead of clogging up this… Read more »


Shaun the cuck’s whole show is based on bad mouthing renegade. now he has sledge the drunken failed comedian as his retarded side kick, along with tabitha the yenta, whose show is based on bad mouthing veganism, even though she pushed “plant based” when she started here. What a bunch of phonies and bores. The highlight of shaun’s shit show is when he gets trolled. Tabitha seems to be another fraud in the vein of “Bobby’s Perspective”.

Anglo Saxon Revolt

I hadn’t contemplated this person, who I never particularly liked to begin with (I am not a radio person much to begin with either) since this station split with him and he went off about it years ago. Perusing all these comments I just checked briefly over there and he is beyond whacked out, seemingly dangerously so. The guy is still obsessed with Sinead and he hasn’t worked here since I think at least 2016?! WTF? I’m not of the generation that grew up on the internet so I’ve always found all this drama that Milennials engage in confounding, but this goes beyond ‘drama’ and I think folks should avoid bringing this topic up. All it does is distract from a very imminent war that… Read more »

Smelly Socks

Downvoting everyone who criticizes you and upvoting yourself is fake and gay bruh. Talk about having sockpuppets.

Since he’s on Aussie time he’s been up all night, working over time sockin’ away! lol
If he and his failing ‘network’ weren’t so #pathetic and degenerate, I’d consider feeling bad for them. Maybe he pays for voters? I don’t know if that’s a thing on platforms like this, but I wouldn’t be surprised. He says himself that he just wants donations for beer since he’s ”financially set” when it comes to keeping up his shitty shows.


Awesome show, looking forward to the asset redistribution process. Oh the look on their faces..


“That is some serious wealth that has been sucked up like cocaine up some hollywood jew’s nose” hahah great show like always Kyle!


Hey, what is the name of the song that begins playing at 0:25 seconds in? I just began watching but I really like it. Thanks

Really good show, Kyle.