Blitz: Cutting the Eternal Knot (2-13-20)

Kyle talks about the Shining sequel Doctor Sleep, which is about a group of semi-immortal beings that feed off the energy of children who “shine” and how this relates to other pop culture and mythology.

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The Bull

There’s a French movie, The City of Lost Children where a mad scientist with a big hook nose is kidnapping children to get into their dreams or steal them. I don’t recall exactly, it’s been awhile since I’ve’ seen it. Just wanted to share.

Daniel M Deblasio

Hey Kyle, my brother told me to watch Dr. Sleep the other day. “The chosen ones!”

Anthony Roberts

It’s just a cohencidence that (((Walt’s))) first MM cartoon, released Nov 18th 1928 ( 11/18 becomes 11/9 or 9/11), was called “STEAMboat Willie.” Totally no child-rape reference there. “Give me STEAM, and how you feel could make it real.” The Peter Gabriel pop song “Steam” from ’93, opens with him dressed in Kobe’s purple & gold, and has child-rape and masonic cues throughout. It was on the vampire himself, (((Geffen))) label. PS Great info to get out there Kyle, thanks. christard YT-ber “Enter the Starz” has a whole vid on “Doctor Sleep,” and the link with jewish supremacist moloch (milk) torture and murder, in that film. He’s a black man and says they chose a mixed girl to “shine” the brightest, because the negroid race… Read more »


Did not know that about Stephen Flowers.

Steve the bicyclist

Well… That was creepy and weird. But it does figure. They like to brag. I too ignored that movie. I don’t know too much about biochemistry, but I know a little l about speed and meth.. It’s a lot like super coffee. Speed freaks are very strange people. Hyper paranoid and borderline psychic, as well as psychotic and often violent. They like to steal stuff! I never considered the pineal gland being connected with adrenaline. Must be so a freaking out person can find a psychic way to save themselves? A way to hyper charge their mind? If andrenochrome is anything like speed or adrenaline, then the user would be a quick talking, twitchy, and a incoherent idiot. Unless, they were completely dead inside and… Read more »


So I can say for 100% abortions are heavily profitable to these demons due to the fetus stem cells. Murdering unborn babies is a Molochian sacrifice that is now yielding unholy Scientific medical “breakthroughs”. For example, some vaccines have been discovered to have used the proteins from aborted fetal cells.

As for adrenochrome, I can assure you the blood of the tortured victim mixed with the victim’s adrenaline and endorphins from the tortured victim creates a unique chemical compound that has properties these demons benefit from in a sick “medicinal” aspect…

Monsters are very real by the looks of it…

Daniel M Deblasio

I believe Stephen King is projecting his own fantasies. He is a really sick twisted man. No wonder he makes excellent horror movies


The knot as symbol of “the chosen ones” fits in perfectly also with the valknutr that symbolise “the chosen ones” of odin. Odin the bloodbrother of Loki the knot, Odin the bringer of strife, deception and human sacrifice. Yes, the knot now seems very sinister and Jewish, like Loki and Odin ( moLOK and Adon?) Thank you for this very thought provoking show!


Dark Crystal had those ”birds”, ”feathered serpent” skeksis who feasted on the ”essence” of the podlings and gelflings, and in the Netflix series (only the first three episodes were good and the last four we’re okay) they were regarded as benevolent beings; who were basically treated like semi omnipotent demi gods until the gelfling found out about their ”true” nature, and they were always referred to as the ”lords”. Also, I wonder if one can surmise that ”True Knot” would mean ”True Devil”, since Loki is basically the Devil in the Norse mythos.

Juan dela Cruz

What’s the name of the song at 0:20?


Grün ist unser Fallschirm ( remix )