Blitz: Dealing with Depression (6-12-19)

Kyle talks about the amount of people now classified as depressed, the increasing amount of medication they are taking (including children), and some of the actual ways to get at the root cause of what is causing the depression.

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Anthony Roberts

It’s hard not to have “down” days from trying to wake our people up from this hebrew-hypnosis. These natural physical and mental solutions can help greatly in combating the stress, anger, and resulting sadness, that arises from watching the incessant genocide of our race on a daily basis.

PS Good show Kyle – thank you. Renegade, with its brilliant shows and articles, is a valuable lifeline to White people who may have no family, friends or supportive community.

Algiz Rune

Not only is “conventional” pharmajewticals a criminal racket, but so is the “talk therapy” industry. You’re supposed to pay some edjewcated tool over a hundred dollars an hour to stew in your past and focus on your depressive thoughts week after week, month after month. The true goal is to keep you depressed as you believe this scam you’re continuously paying for is helping you. No therapist is actually interested in actual therapy. That would put them out of business.


This is so true!! Further, a fresh vegan diet using exercise and grounding with the earth helps infinitely. (((They))) never mention what heals you. Also a blocked, toxic colon contributes to depression.


And “talk therapy” keeps database. Can have bountiful repercussions. Denial of firearm ownership. Incompetence charges. Future job hindrance.

I only talk to those I trust. Can count ’em on one hand. But quality over quantity.


Renegade is just about the only lantern left shining in this darkening world. I’m grateful for all the content. I do experience bouts of depression here and there. I’m very alone and isolated in my thoughts surrounded by those who are deeply indoctrinated and perhaps others who might be soulless bots. Who knows? After thoroughly hearing out the OverWatchChannel on jootube one has to wonder? Even though this channel doesn’t display much racial consciousness or if he has it he doesn’t reveal it, he makes a good exposé of this world nonetheless. Good to factor in as many possibilities so we don’t fall into traps. Listening to Renegade shows and reading the articles keeps me sane at this point. It’s a great comfort to know… Read more »


In case your’re not already familiar, there’s a really awesome and uplifting music podcast called Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. Love it!


On Puxie (sp?)… So he’s decided to just enjoy his “high-paying career and family,” while, in his own words, “the jews take over the world.” Such resolve. Sounds like nihilism to me. And if he cares so much for his family, they’re gonna really love him for just reaching for enjoyment while the global communist slave-planet violates and corrupts life-after-life. He is no help to any noble fight. Poor guy, succumbed to head-in-the-sand syndrome. How frightfully naive and selfish. And he wants us to “leave it in the hands of God.” Any God I can conceive of would want me to protect innocence from evil. Puxie is a little too comfortable. His blinders won’t let him see the water at his door. He thinks it’s… Read more »

ry guy

i just remembered after 9 months there is a comment section! am unable to use the chat site or app, so i know nothing but what i hear from hosts.
anyhoo, hope to start a thread here as an offering before playng a concert on youtube with some nice beer.
never a participant in these settings, id like to try helping with just this one great show:
in march and april, i took a can of white and one of tan paint around every inch of the interior settings of the ole homestead.