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10 months ago

Dr gates? Interesting. Very interesting.

Marc C. Daniele
10 months ago

Kyle, Sinead, I’m “Dysfunctional Veteran” on bitchute-maybe you remember me? “Parthiatictactics” may also remember me from bitchute (a couple days ago-your mask vid). I can’t comment in your “chatroom” for some reason, so I’m doing it here. This has to do with “YasA”, “BeyondTruth” (and “HandsomeTruth” ) on bitchute, and some things I noticed while getting called a fed, a murderer, a doxer, a kike, etc. on a “Jesus1488” channel video, where all of my comments were deleted, while theirs were left standing, etc. Comments of mine have been deleted on other vids also, and all of these comments had to do with “shoobie”. Is there any way we can discuss some of these things, either here, or….? Thanks. I’ll try to check back here… Read more »

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