Blitz: You’re Not Allowed to Question the Holocoughs (3-26-20)

Kyle talks about the scary COVID-19(!) and how it’s ravishing the world… well, actually it’s just ZOG governments and jewish media ruining people’s lives.

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Anthony Roberts

We should have known the jewish supremacists would fully unveil their bolshevik communism in 3/2020. Oh look, that makes 322 and their skull and drones moloch sodomy society, from Yale.

Well that’s me done for. I’m just entering my annual, three month hay fever season. My only escape will be to throw on some striped jim-jams, portray a chosen holocoughs survivor, and say i’m observing the sacred passover period of Tishoo B’Av! Snot going to be easy.

PS Totally agree. If we don’t disobey now, this moment will be lost forever. Please support Kyle and Sinead, in any way you can.
Thank you.


I’ve heard that currently at certain hospitals in Sweden (have not looked how it is another countries) they are using chloroquine phosphate to treat patients who’s been tested ”positive for corona”. We already know that these test are not to be trusted. But what is chloroquine phosphate? It’s a drug that’s been in use for many decades to treat malaria but now it’s being pushed as a drug to treat this supposed corona virus. Event though mainstream sources admit that the studies that show the effectiveness of this substance against the virus is very weak, it’s still being used to ”treat” the patients. For example Medical Products Agency in Sweden has admitted that there is no proof that chloroquine phosphate has any effect against corona.… Read more »


I went out to the polling booth here in Far North Queensland, Australia as it was council elections day and tried to speak to whoever was willing to talk about the martial law rapidly being pushed everywhere in Australia. I made up a sign board with the words “Pandemic Research Survey” and then below that “Question Tyranny” so that those who went into the polling center could see it as they file pass by. I was able to do this for 2 hours before a police patrol turn up, a policeman and policewoman approached me and asked that I leave a public area where it would have been perfectly within the law to stand. After asking them what law have I broken in wanting to… Read more »


Totally with you on that 4araw! And good on you for trying to get through to people. I am unfortunately living in a temporary situation atm with someone who watches TV pretty much all day everyday & totally believes everything she is hearing & seeing. She parrots back to me shit she is hearing as if she knows it is undisputable fact. I’ve tried to have calm rational discussions with her by broaching certain things in an introductory sort of way & her immediate response is stuff like “i suppose you believe the moon landings were fake too!” *sigh* It came to a head today when she was literally shouting in my face because I accidentally spilt something on dishes she had just washed &… Read more »

Steve the bicyclist

And I thought this was going to be a “fun” show because of the title… Nope. Had to take several breaks to digest this one. Rough stuff. As everything is these days. You made a lot of great points here. The “woods closings” makes me wonder if they are placing better cameras on the entrances? They only had deer-cams before… They probably want live feeds for their drone rangers… There’s talk of shutting down the postal service by June, it seems they want bailout bucks too. Can’t have any un-monitored paper communications? I’ve noticed that the most hyped cases of the holocough plandemic is from jew strongholds! Not many folks know that Louisiana is a very corrupt mason stronghold. As well as a catholelick one,… Read more »


No tests no (((corona))) The Japanese are walking under the blossoming cherry trees in parks around the country. They enjoy spring, admire the pink splendor and shoot under it. “Hanami – the love of contemplating cherry blossoms is the most important holiday for us, the Japanese,” says a visitor to Tokyo’s Weno Park. Only 14,000 tests? The contrast with Europe could not be greater. By Tuesday (March 24th), there were only 1,128 coronavirus infected in Japan and 42 died. The number of patients is rising to a minimum. And in fact, the opposite should be true. Because Japan is densely populated, it has a highly aging population and close contacts with neighboring China. However, the government is taking too soft measures. All schools in the… Read more »

Iron Leaf

There is a lot of agents going around on various social networking websites and communities, such as those for MMOs, pushing the notion that this COVID-19 is real and not to listen to anyone who says otherwise. I have a question for them, if COVID-19 is in fact real and is in fact a threat and a pandemic at that, why do they need to keep telling us that? Why do they feel the need to remind us that there is a pandemic taking place? You’d think we would be able to figure that out for ourselves, especially since we are supposed to be the very victims. And you know, with all these dead bodies being piled up on the streets …. Oh, wait. There… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

I find strange that the “flatten the curve” meme has not been monopolized by Flat-Earthers yet. Could there be some hidden message there aside from the obviously exoteric? weirder things have been seen. Just a thought.


We already know that this Chainsawmillerman over at Mami’s “Fake News” Shit (that’s literally their banner!) is a f***ing POS but read his latest comment when someone simply says the problem is jews –

comment image

And in case they start blocking images at some stage here’s the transcript –

Chainsawmillerman said…
LOL you can jew jew jew all fucking day like most of you “enlightened” do. The talmudic power keeps most frightened jews that are just as mind controlled as we are silent. It’s a fucking joke! Get over yourself!!!! I am , quite frankly growing tired of this futile bullshit that empowers the group you rail against. Most of the worlds power structure is kabbalistic. You can keep naming the jew but really, it’s a fucking joke. It seems to pumps up your own futile ego. You don’t have the power bro. LOL Look at what’s happening around you for fuck sake!! I’m tired of you fucking people that constantly whine about the jews LOL. Meanwhile its a parasitic art they have created to feed on your own lack of empowerment and pathetic victim mentality. I’m sick of it! Its a fucking skipping record that never gets fucking nudged. Pathetic!!! fuck off!!!

March 27, 2020 at 10:38 PM

Keep shilling MFer! I’m pretty sure there are people actually taking names somewhere on the planet!

Foster XL

Rabbi: “Coronavirus is for the Goyim [Non-Jews]”

Robert Heimdal

“Europe’s odd man out: Sweden refuses to bring in lockdowns despite 2,272 infections, keeps bars open and even ENCOURAGES people to go out” –

Foster XL

Another commenter who I’ve chatted with a few times just sent me this Facebook post made by a woman on 9 March in New Zealand about their Sportsman Of The Year. To me the whole thing sounded like very thinly veiled code! Have a read & you’ll immediately see what I mean! Quite a find I reckon! Oh & both “Israel” & “Romero” who he beat are black MMA fighters (pic below). So.. New Zealand, about a month ago we were all rejoicing and reflecting in the glow of a fresh new face who is the Sportsman of the Year. This included an energetic discussion on the speech of this elite athlete – Israel Adesanya. His speech while accepting the award went something like this..… Read more »


33 cases more, 33 dead more, 33 years old more, 33 states, global patients close to 330K, 33.3% recession by corona, news released in 33minutes.
“Hey boss, another 32 cases”
“Get lost. Make it 33”
“Hey boss, another 34 dead”
“Revive 1. Make it 33”×4096


Just to let you know, Tom Hanks is distantly related to a Rothschild by way of Abraham Lincoln, who’s mother is Nancy Hanks. She got pregnant by a Rothschild which she tried to cover up. That Rothschild is Abraham Lincoln’s real father, not Thomas Lincoln. She made up that name, Thomas Lincoln. She was from Lincoln, North Carolina. Tom Hanks, Mr. Nice Guy, carries satanic blood from being a member of an illuminati family.

Bud K Abbott

So just dropping some Intel.
This is a video by “David Goldberg” (who later “died”) warning that the threat of anti-Semitism was going to be exterminated during black outs by Black ops through “project Pogo & Project Zephyr”. Possibility.

But then you look at what project POGO really is and it has to do with Covid-19 and the 2020 Census where they are asking citizens what kind of “white” they are.

Zephyr is a wearable IoT tech project.

Anyways, I’m thinking Nick Spero was killed. RIP.
Learned so much from you, though I believe Nahzeees are really Ashkenaahhhzeees.

Foster XL

Hey Teresa, that stuff from (((Goldberg))) is very questionable.
Hey Teresa, the National Socialists were defeated in WWII.
Hey Teresa, it’s the jews.
Hey Teresa, stop “believing” & educate yourself so you KNOW!


Hey Foster. Unless one is impeccably honest with oneself these days, they’re going to fall in the hole they’re digging for you. Nahzeees were Ashkenahzeees. Of course Goldberg was being deceptive. But the programs he mentioned do exist in another form. Do try not to be willfully dense. Operation Paperclip alone proves my point. Besides Warburg funding the Nahzeees before he left for the US. Only antivenom for the snakes is Jesus Christ. So repent!