Blitz: Exposing Islam’s Crypto-Jews – The Dönmeh (4-24-19)

Kyle talks about how April 24th is the remembrance day for the Armenian Genocide, which was carried out by the Young Turks, who were led by crypto jews who converted to Islam in the 17th century. It appears Saudi Arabia was founded and still led by these people, and the tensions and alliances in the Middle East make much more sense when you take the crypto jews into account.

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4 years ago

Muslims are circumsized just like Jews are. Disgusting sand religions regardless of who was pulling the strings. Jews always had huge amounts of influence in the Ottoman empire.

4 years ago

Jews have always had tremendeous amount of power in the Middle East starting from their creation of Islam, all the way to this day. Even the average muslim who seem to be opposed to jews, they’re really not because they’re only against “Zionism” and “Israel” but are completly fine with Judaism and jews as a people even though Judaism is Zionism and jews as a people are supremacists who hate ALL gentiles. They can not see this truth because of Islam, Islam requires you to view jews in high esteem and see them as a group of high importance because Islam embraces and reveres the Old Testament and all the jewish figures. Even in modern times, Muslim leaders have been nothing more than controlled opposition… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Thanks Kyle – good show. I knew the basics of Attaturk and the Armenian genocide, but didn’t know much about the donmeh crypto-sect, and its manifestation.

The formula used then is no different than today, it seems. Get your crypto agents in power (Trump, Putin, Merkel, Macron & May etc), back them with wealthy (((doners))), then play your 5G chess for profit and land. RIP, all innocent victims of jewish supremacy.

4 years ago

In plain sight – in pic above would that perahance be the “hidden hand” advertisement of “fraternity” – a la portraits of Marx, Stalin et al. even down to photoplate #2 about ’50s/’60s CND/Aldermaston marches in “Faith Under Fire” (1967) by St Paul’s Canon “Collins” (and a fine looking cantor he seems too).

4 years ago

Fascinating information. I knew nothing of these Donmeh. Reminds me of an imam Tawhidi that gets around here in Australia “speaking out” against his fellow Muslims. I will have to look further into him, one if these cryptos for sure. Great show.

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