Blitz: Fiction Becomes Fact in ZOG World (4-2-20)

Kyle discusses some recent developments in ZOG’s war against humanity and then gets into a number of movies that are quickly becoming our reality.

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Mary Davis

The painting makes it’s debut right on time. I love it. I am listening now to you but I had to tell you now. Thanks for being here.

Robert Heimdal

Good show. Do not forget the film ‘Soylent Green’ from 1972, that’s the world these talmudic bastards want for us.

By the way, the very stupid Trump/Puting shilling reaches new heights of retardation. This time it’s ZeroHedge:

‘Putin & Trump Versus The New World Order: The Final Battle’ (04/03/2020)

Alex van Heugten

Or ‘Zero Population Growth’ from 1972, is still on Youtube.

Robert Heimdal

Indeed. That’s a very good old dystopian movie too. Check the face-masks people are wearing while crying “baby! baby! baby!” in a scene at the end of the trailer [03:44]

Z.P.G. (Zero Point Growth) (1972) – Trailer

Robert Heimdal

News from The Talmudic Twilight Zone:

‘New York: Jews At Brooklyn Hospital Will Enjoy Privileged Access to Ventilators Over Gentiles’ (April 3, 2020)

From article: “The Jewish community’s behavior during this pandemic has been atrocious. A recent police raid on a warehouse belonging to Baruch Feldheim uncovered a massive stockpile of desperately needed medical supplies. Feldheim was selling struggling hospitals N95 masks at a 700% markup, revealing a callous willingness to profit from misery and death.”

‘FBI Raid: Jewish N95 Face Mask Theft in Brooklyn’ (April 4th, 2020) BitChute

(Sorry for the overkill. I thought this was important to post)


sorry man but she is very suspect. Her terminology is off the charts wrong ‘kills HIV/AIDS’ ….what she’s a nurse and doesn’t know the difference ? And whats ‘chemical radiation’ suppose to be ? 5G ?……80% bullshit. Sorry.


Why is she wearing a hair net that doesn’t even cover her hair?

Bud K Abbott
Bud K Abbott
Bud K Abbott

Sorry , I noticed the usual christards as well . This women emphasizes that she is christian ( i guess its to be expected )

Jason Car

What should be very suspect is the continuous and purposeful failure to mention that there are multiple deficiencies of various nutrients that will make the outcome of infection worse. This is probably why you see many older people getting only mild or hardly any symptoms at all. Nutrients like Vit D, B12, B6, B3,C, A, Mag, Sel and Zn are all important for proper immune function but how many times have you heard any of the health “authorities” providing this information to the public? Instead you keep hearing about hydroxychroroquine, which actually works with Zn to cut viral infection. Beta glucan might also work because it has been researched for SARS and no mention of this either. Btw Oatmeals high in soluble fiber are also… Read more »

Jason Car

Sorry I forgot to mention something. There’s some info that I found and it’s something about association of the flu vaccine with higher incidence of coronavirus infection. I think that there would be many in the medical establishment that would be worried by the implications of any association like that.

Here is the link to the abstract:


@Jason Car

So you trust the mass media who lies to us about the HoloHoax, promotes White Genocide, and works against the White race in many various different ways? I’m gonna go ahead and guess you don’t really care about the White race being Genocide’ed, sense you trust organizations (mass news media, ZOG gov, etc.) that hate the White race.
Pro-White people would always question these scumbags on everything. So when someone trusts them, it displays they’re not really Pro-White.

Which you don’t have to be, maybe you’re not even White. That’s fine. But there’s no reason to trust scumbags. When you trust them, it brings your own credibility into question.


What makes you believe that Covd-19 is a real virus?