Blitz: Flourishing with Flowers (7-17-19)

Kyle discusses the many psychological and physiological benefits of surrounding your family with flowers and incorporating gardening into your life. He also gets into the many edible and medicinal flowers that exist in our world.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Our creator(s), whoever she/he/it/they maybe, gave us something so special in these living, engineering masterpieces of colour and design. They ignite every sense in the human being, and are great healers of body, mind and spirit. I’m fashionably late to this garden party, but thanks Renegade for opening my eyes to such profound beauty in this jew-made sick poisoned world.

PS your boy’s flower photo is lovely. Well done son! He’s going to follow in his Mom and Dad’s talented footsteps, and produce wonderful art. Start ’em young.

5 years ago

I haven’t listened to this show yet, but when I first moved to the property I am on, I started planting flowers everywhere I could. We did vegetables too, but I just loved watching the flowers bloom, collecting their seeds, and putting even more flowers all over the place. So many flowers (and plants in general) will self seed and go crazy if you let them, which makes it really nice in spring when you are overabundant and can give them away to friends or sell the excess at farmers markets. I know some other farmers near me who will not plant flowers because they are strictly business. They won’t plant anything that isn’t edible or that they can’t guarantee to sell or can up… Read more »

Thor's Disciple
5 years ago

Yes, great show Kyle.
Nothing like squatting amongst a jungle of tomatoes, zukes, cukes, okra, beans, peppers and more.
Gardening is so profound on so may levels, one of the most basic and important being the importance of BORDERS.
Yes, if you don’t have good borders, you will be invaded and taken from by something that only takes.
Luckily these little critters are a lot cuter and not as dangerous as their human equivalence…
No matter your level, start small with whatever space you have to work with and then marvel at the abundance given by nature in return for a little loving service to her…

5 years ago

This summer, I have a lot of Black-eyed Susans and was wondering if you can eat the flowers. Looks like no, but the root has medicinal uses – sores, swellings, a poultice for snake bites, an astringent, a dewormer…I haven’t eaten many flowers, maybe I’ll try it sometime.

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