Blitz: Governments Gangstalking Goyim for the Greater Good (4-16-20)

Kyle talks about how Covid-19 martial law is an extension of gangstalking, the larger jew world order plan, and more recent developments.

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Foster XL

Ok I’m really starting to get sick of watching Youtube videos that others are linking on all kinds of sites where only minutes into the video you’re seeing & hearing people describing what’s going & politicians & corporate heads described as “nazi”. Also the comments are FULL of agents, shills & jews calling out the “nazis” in government & Hitler this & that. Fuck all talk about the actual COMMUNISM that’s actually taking place with only the odd token mention so they appeal to the anti-commie “right” out there. It’s VERY obvious right now that Youtube is completely controlled enemy media & people are being completely fooled by all the apparently “organic” videos that are popping up on there. Do they not remember the massive… Read more »


Hear hear!


God damn commies are ugly.

Foster XL

“While the world is combating the #COVID19 pandemic, Israel is launching fire bombs and flares on villages in South #Lebanon, terrorizing Lebanese families late at night as they sleep.”

(Personally I would’ve posted “FAKE COVID19 pandemic” rather than just used a # but it’s the neverending TJB of Israel that’s the important part)

Foster XL

HAHAHAHA! So it appears that 2 men are suing the New Zealand Prime Minister for the lockdown in their country BUT when you read the news article about it here –

You see this about one of the parties suing her – “The man ultimately compared Ms Ardern to Hitler and the lockdown to the holocaust.”

Thanks jews! 😉

Borg 7of 9

This is from Sophia’s blog ( notice the title ) is this just weakness or complicity ? Look … their being persecuted yet again , trying to hold back the vomit … there is something innately strange about these creatures ( talmudic twilight zone ) . Of course there are the dip shits that are enforcing this unconstitutional criminality , doing the bidding of ((( who ))) & the private arm of the Fed known as the CDC . This is not directed at UJG , i was going to post this some time ago . Its like the same play book as 9/11 with the our heroes meme ,there are signs all over the county here ” we are proud to be stigma free… Read more »

Borg 7of 9
In Gratitude

Oh my goodness, thanks for posting. Even though he is a Christ-tard, he provided ground-breaking info regarding the hidden-tranny in media issue! People still keep re-loading his vids! He started to bring out deeply detailed research right before he got shut down. He is very funny as well! Can’t keep a good man down!

Robert Heimdal

Even if I think this is a bit useless. I signed regardless:
‘We Call For Investigations Into The “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity’
Created by C.S. on April 10, 2020

Foster XL

Please stop posting all these random youtube clips.

Bud K Abbottt

OKbee this isn’t jewtube & its more than inditing