Blitz: Hate Hoax Puts Whites in the Crosshairs, As Usual (3-20-19)

Kyle starts off with a timeline breakdown of the New Zealand shooting hoax then talks about how governments and media outlets around the world are now determined to take down the White nationalist threat.

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Foster XL

Forgot to mention this earlier but look at this PBS Newshour video that came out on Youtube 5 days ago very soon after the shooting –

“Why alleged New Zealand mosque killer represents a broader ‘social movement'” –

Comments disabled of course because they would’ve been absolutely bombarded by the rightfully angry targets of this hit piece!


Thanks for the informative show. My favourite crisis actor is the man in the hall who puts on white/blue socks between “cuts”, but the lady who teleports into the gutter is a close second. If there’s some good “hasbara” for the sock change, I’d love to hear it.


Great show Kyle.

Foster XL

Kyle, there’s now a wealth of shooting related articles to peruse here – Here’s a massive OTT piece entitled “The End Of Our Innocence” (does that mean “we’re” all guilty now?) which includes details of every single alleged victim. Might be of interest to anyone with investigative skills – And check this shit out – Notice how Mongrel Mob (Waikato) leader Sonny Fatu said “We will not be armed…” That’s a give away because he obviously means just for that event. Everyone knows the NZ gangs are normally armed & there are often shootouts & gun murders perpetrated by them in NZ. BTW, Fatu is a Samoan name as far as I’m aware. Here’s a funny old article I just found about… Read more »


Is that even a she?

Foster XL

Not really a fan of that Transvestigation stuff as it’s an obvious Flat Earth type diversion that needs to kept well away in a corner of its own rather than tacked onto topics of discussion like this. All I’ll add here though is that Jacinda’s “domestic partner’s” name is Clarke Gayford. I’m sure that’s fuel to people who get into this stuff but let’s not continue this here.

Anthony Roberts

They’re panicking. Shill TG report has done an episode “Vanishing Brass” on the cgi casings. Sean cleverly leaves it open to interpretation. No worries though, he’s having Ole Damagelimitationgard on soon to say it was an actual shooting, but the illuminati are just sexing the footage up a bit with special fx, to throw us a curve ball.


You claimed Asaheim Wulfgard made some comments about Renegade Tribune, what’s the source of it (Instagram posts)? I couldn’t find his page.

Here is his instagram:
Notice the jew star and the picture of him covering his one eye. I always thought that dude looked like a troll.


What a weirdo. Pike? As in Albert Pike? Crypto weasel.

Lotti Von Hesse

I used to listen to some of his videos, he said many good things about NS, Hitler, and the German people, I like his China Rising video and his videos about the “Queen” and how evil Churchill was. Gee, I looked at that instagram, and it looks like he’s having the time of his life, and cozying up to some odd-looking people – his nose looked very big to me, but he did explain that it was badly broken – I do know that he explained that the “jewish” star was once used by our ancients. Anyhow, if he’s acting weird, and doing weird behaviors, then we should be leary of him – thanks for the link, Sinny.

Start off the month in Belgium, then France for a week, then a day in Newcastle to get fucked up, and then back in Belgium. Not bad for a “construction worker”. Interestingly, I know of no one in landscaping or construction that have that kind of free time. Hmm.

Lotti Von Hesse

Oh, wow! Thanks – yeah, time nor the resources to travel like that. And saying he would get f-d up – gee, that’s pretty awful. Thank you newdawnrise.

Foster XL

Your nose doesn’t become big & kikey from being broken apart from maybe when you first actually break it & there’s some swelling which goes down as you heal. The only usual lasting effect is a misshapen appearance.

Lotti Von Hesse

Is there a possibility that he could be of jewish extraction, Foster XL?

Foster XL

There’s always that possibility Lotti. Jews have been in England for a very long time so their vile DNA is all over the place. I wonder often how many people who get into digging around in their ancestry there & really starting to feel some connection actually end up stumbling on the fact that they have jewish blood in them. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate let down! And it makes me wonder how they would react to that & what they might end up doing. I’d venture to say that to some it would be like getting a sudden diagnosis that you have terminal cancer! Others though I’m sure might do the old flip flop.

Lotti Von Hesse

It’s posted below.


330am gunshooting this sunsday april 14th at love machine nightclubb in a suburb I used to live in Melbourne Australia
This is going to be used as the anti gun/gun grab agenda. We have the most ridiculous gun laws here which includes banned toy and paintball guns yet a drive by still occurs. All weird and we have an election coming up in a few weeks -feels staged for whatever/dont know reason… Thought this may add another bit of info in context to this event spoken about.
These things seem to coincidently happen right before voting time which is compulsory here in Australia. Free – yeah right.