Blitz: How jews Ushered in the Era of Massive Non-White Immigration to the US (11-6-19)

Kyle talks about how jews came to the US by the millions before the 1920s and have been subverting it ever since, especially in 1965 when they led the effort to open the floodgates of non-White immigration into the country.

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4 years ago

Lyndon Baines Johnson, US President who was mostly Jewish, and flew around Texas in a Bell Helicopter bought by Clint Murchison SR. was a huge sponsor of importing Eastern Bloc communist Jews back in the 1940s. LBJs family were also huge supporters of LEO FRANK the child pedophile and murderer of a little Irish girl before he raped her. His case is how the ADL was formed and Jews claim his innocence to this day even though two years prior LEO FRANK had raped another child and had a record of his crime! Anyway Clint Murchison Sr sold ‘hot oil’ to the Communists in WW2 as requested by FDR when FDR visited Clint and Sid Richardson. Also Clint Murchison SR was in business with ISRAEL… Read more »

4 years ago

Renegade at its best: exposing white genocide.
Thanks, Kyle

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