Blitz: It’s Hitting the Fan (3-4-20)

Kyle follows up on his latest show by bringing up some comments regarding fecalphilia, and then gets into how “the poisonous mushroom” thirves on dung and spreads illness to our folk.

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Ragnar Fan
10 months ago

Do not let Jews and their lackeys at all levels convince you of absurdities especially regarding dosing your precious baby with brain damaging and auto immune disease creating vaccines. Don’t do it. Listen to your spirit and heart.

Steve the bicyclist
10 months ago

Please note that I am not a doctor or medical professional, therefore this is not medical advice. Consider it keywords for research. I consider vax weapons to be a three way problem. #1, The metals. Probably mercury and/or aluminum. #2 The “pathogen.” (The least dangerous thing) #3 Random filth. There’s really no way of knowing exactly what is in it. Just know it’s something bad and probably slow to kill you. BURNT TOAST is an easy and cheap to make. All the way black toast! Burn it! Charcoal is an effective universal poison antidote. You could make activated charcoal or buy it as a capsule. But loose charcoal is faster. Research it. To quickly remove metals – probably the worst vax ingredient – use a… Read more »

10 months ago

A good Documentary I watched recently on bitchute was trace Amounts One of the best documentaries I have yet seen on vaccines

Reply to  Ryan
10 months ago

thank you will check it out

10 months ago

Kyle can you post a link for the video you played at the end please? so I can share thanks

Bud K Abbott
10 months ago

Anybody trust … this possible downplay coming from a j & orange orangutan supporter (pre- selections ) ? They sure weaved the ? with all the countless fabricated events .

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