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2 years ago

Love it when Kyle goes into his Jewish accent voice….LOL

2 years ago

The deception of anti-semitism is a very powerful tool indeed that has fast forwarded the jewish agenda at a massive rate. It’s a weapon that is used both against non-jews and as a propaganda tool against other jews. It’s to silence any criticism of jews coming from gentiles while also feeding into jews inherent victim complex and paranoia, to make them more tribal in order to have them be more accepting of conforming to their jewish leaders agendas. The movement of Zionism is a movement that could only have risen and did indeed rise due to so called ‘anti-semitism’. They needed jews to feel left out, to feel like they were being persecuted and hated by all the non-jews around them in order to draw… Read more »

The Bull
2 years ago

I haven’t listened to the show yet but I like the picture of the party, Roman salutes, a nice red cup sun wheel and a bunch white people having a good time.

Lotti Von Hesse
2 years ago

Great show, Kyle – thank you for exposing these jewish devils and their lies! You are right – they do not care about the suffering and death of White people, and are ensuring that it continues! This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that these wicked people are insane, hateful, and cruel people – NO rational human being would ever think like that, nor would they want to participate in our continued persecution and bloodshed!

2 years ago

“Ilhan Omar: Currently the front-runner for Daily Stormer’s “Man of the Year.” We’ve never given this to a woman before and we don’t expect to do it again, so we’re still calling it “Man of the Year.”

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Reply to  reynolds
2 years ago


Reply to  reynolds
2 years ago

Monthly reminder that the Daily Shitstormer’s webmaster is a filthy kike with a history of doxing people. “No matter what tools I have around me, I will make everything I despise look ridiculous. Everything that work against me looks absolutely fucking crazy and ridiculous by the time I am done with it…In the meantime, we’ve got a whole fucking internet to cover with dongs and swastikas…Let the ruin begin.”

Reply to  renegade
2 years ago

Those clowns are a natural repellent to anyone with an IQ over room temperature. The only question is how many of them get their pay check from ADL and how many get it from the FBI.

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