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Aryan Diablo
1 year ago

Kyle you mentioned you were on gab. How can I find you over there?

Here’s a story you might be interested in, Texas Governor Greg Abbott says Gab is an antisemitic platform and doesn’t represent “Texas values”. This was 5 days after he proposed a bill making it illegal for big tech to censor people on social media. Just fuckin LoL

Anton rîter von Zyttidell
Reply to  renegade
1 year ago

I agree that less is always more. And quality over quantity. I wanted to ask your opinion on gab. Do you feel it’s worth joining up to Kyle?

Rob in fl
Reply to  renegade
1 year ago

I have shared your shows and your site with alot of people. So you are reaching people my friends listen also. I, hate to see you end it Kyle your a good guy with alot of good content to share I never get tired of the shows you do a Damm good job…

1 year ago

Tell us more about Kamala she going to be a new A. Merkel of the U.S.?

Reply to  wittleryouth
1 year ago

Just look into the freak to learn more about how it serves our enemies (ZOG). It’s not hard to see the obvious.

New Angela Merkel? I’d say that thing’s more like a new Donald jew’s Bitch Trump (then again, all politicians are the same – our enemies) with its rabid hatred for White people.

1 year ago

Good show, I agree, less is more if the intricacy of content has significant depth. Perhaps Renegade could do a bite size 101 for or the newbies, quick, fast and straight to the point, maybe even two minutes rants about a topic? A Q & A Renegade Way, graphical website? Getting people into the right mindset with the least amount of talk.

1 year ago

I disagree with your self criticism concerning your radio voice. In fact Kyle you are one of the easiest listening to hosts in all of alternative radio. Your knowledge on anti-white hysterics is probably the best there is. I would really miss your Jewish voice improvisation if you cut down too much on your broadcasts.

Robert Heimdal
1 year ago

Indeed, I always found two hour-shows a bit lengthy, most especially with the callers Charlie had in almost all of his shows (namely those who would hog the show with long, interminable calls).
I think to keep one hour shows on recent news -like this one- would be a good idea, most of all to keep the “network” going. Renegade Broadcasting has been a powerful tool of good propaganda over the last few years. Those hasbarat trolls still trolling Renegade are evidence of this statement.

1 year ago

……So no better time than now to carry on broadcasting and also attract other broadcasters its the content keep pushing..the Marxist “rules for radicals” carry on snapping at their heels we need to counter cuz they do not stop

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