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5 years ago

Every mass shooting anywhere is made out to be the result of not the Far-Left but “White Supremacists”. The three individuals responsible for the near-death beating of a German AfD leader were never found. Not one. Yes, we’ve all seen these photos, AND WE SHOULD CONTINUE TO SHOW THEM, just as Google continues to deny the truth.

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Reply to  reynolds
5 years ago

The AfD is jewed as hell and I question the authenticity of this “beating”. They do fake terror attacks and pin in on the “left” as well.
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We aren’t “far right” kosher nationalists here at Renegade so we call out ALL faked terror attacks.

5 years ago

My, my, my it’s a small world – a “parent of one of the shooting victims”, and now she’s an “attorney” for the shooter!

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Wow – surviving three terrorist attacks? How very dare you, kyle. Poor “Mason” needed to get his head straight after witnessing all that trauma, and has had to endure numerous visits to a shrink! Don’t “pin” the blame on this poor soul, it’s those White and mussie supremacists, that done it!

PS The jewlitard school of theatre, drama and music (motto – “Leti getus um parti startum”), need more budding actors. Sign up for their 33 week course, and you are guaranteed a (((gov’t))) job for life, or until your unfortunate false flag death. They even allow you to mortgage your great great grandchildren, to pay off the very reasonable, $6M student debt.

5 years ago

Has there ever been a script or novel written without the acronym?

5 years ago

As always, thanks for a very informative and thought provoking podcast!
I will leave these here – (re: Smith-Mundt Modernization Act)

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

5 years ago

Anyone has the link to the original of Jones’ broadcast that Kyle played on the show? I found this – – but it’s shitty quality and low res.

BUT! I found another video of him calling Sandy a complete hoax with actors that they also used in many other staged events! Jewtube somehow missed it. Download the vid, it’ll be gone soon –

(Free youtube video downloader – – or use

Reply to  AlexP
5 years ago
5 years ago

Good point Kyle about how taxpayers shouldn’t have to finance the army and how the national defense should be the responsibility of the militias.

5 years ago

Federal agent Alex Jones disrupts a Pro Gun Rally

5 years ago

Students from Parkland Visit Pittsburgh High School, Stand in Solidarity to Overcome Violence

Friday’s visit was part of an entire weekend of events organized by the Jewish Community Center of greater Pittsburgh.

Friday, April 5th 2019, 6:56 PM EDT

5 years ago

“2% of the mass gun shooting”.
But there have ALWAYS been multiple murders. It’s nothing new., except, before, it’s been called “murders.”

At any rate, what about the 98% of murders?

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