Blitz: Playing 5G Chess With Our Lives (2-27-19)

Kyle reads some articles and plays some audio related to Trump’s recent push for an even quicker rollout of 5G everywhere, which will irradiate everything and everyone, and especially damage our children.

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Anthony Roberts

All the races are being used as proverbial crash test dummies, in this premeditated genocide. The Chinese slaves, making much of this equipment, are choosing to end their lives rather than spend another twelve hour shift inserting some widget on a production line.

The jewish supremacists have manipulated successive generations to think and act in a very selfish manner. Until my wife gets cancer; my son is diagnosed with autism; our precious daughter overdoses on heroin; or MY family are affected, i refuse to wake up and will continue with this empty non-existence. Only when it is too late will i seek out those responsible. Not good, people. The time is NOW to stop their poisonous genocide!

Dane Grey

How do you propose to stop them NOW, Anthony?

Dane Grey

Down vote me all you want but that doesn’t answer the question. What is it that you propose we do NOW to defeat the jews and win this war? What concrete program or tactics do you have? What do you have besides internet bravado? I suspect that a year from now you will still be here making the same sort of post while things get steadily worse and jewish power steadily increases. Prove me wrong, I wish you would.

Foster XL

The simple reason you would get downvoted Dane, is that we’ve all seen this basic question with no accompanying qualification from anonymous first-time posters over & over ad infinitum. This is actually less productive than what you’re insinuating about the person you’re responding to plain & simple. It also clearly looks like you’re either some lazy fuck who wants someone else to do all the thinking & action for them OR you’re just here to troll. Here’s a thought – how about YOU do something that actually starts to make some impact & then come back & start your line of questioning others with “Here’s what I’ve actually done in the real world & here’s the stats (provable but doesn’t have to be overly detailed)… Read more »

I for one know that Anthony is doing more than you are. He may not want to share what he’s been through but he’s a friggin’ hero for what he’s doing and you’re a nobody.


“There is nothing that the international jew fears so much as the truth, or any hint of the truth abouth himself or his plans.”

Henry Ford, Sr. – The International jew

Ragnar Fan

Thanks for the information Kyle.

Looks like I’ll be getting some of this emf shielding paint if and when 5g rolls out here and my enf meter detects it

In the mean time, everyone who uses a “smart” phone should get an Ethernet adapter when using their phone at home. On iPhones at least, you can connect through lan cables with such an adapter. Lightning cable to Ethernet is the search to use, and you can get adapters that allow charging at the same time.

Robert Heimdal

Great show Kyle. “Give me convenience, never mind death” I found this video recommended by JewTube. The Kosher future made in China: ‘The Scary Future of America! (2019-2020)’

Maybe you can get her on a show.

Foster XL

She definitely has a face for radio! While this woman puts out some good info to people who may not have heard it before she also shovels out a lot of shit! Don’t really mean to sound demeaning but she also looks like shit in this video. Those massive dark rings around her eyes are symptoms of some real sickness.
Deamon, if you’re a genuinely ignorant commenter then you should know she has been a guest on Renegade in the past but it’s highly unlikely she’ll ever be back on here dude!

We stopped inviting her on our network when she started shilling for the pedo Zen Gardner. Jewtin and Trump. We’ve done many shows on the dangers of ultrasound and don’t need this shady lady to repeat what’s already been stated here.


I am happy that Israel invented the G5 system, but, the Israeli government will not roll it out in Israel. Rather, Israel will develop a fiber optic version.

Nice list over employees in USA goverment:

Learn you goyim no to be to long on the toilet and analyse how long and how much. electrocute goyim that are to long on the toilet.

WIFI toilet the best a Jew can get: