Blitz: Rabbi Jesus Was Born to jew (12-26-19)

Kyle speaks about how Christianity needs to be known by its fruits and how Jesus came to fulfill the law of the Torah.

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There is nothing more pathetic than Nationalists bending the knee to a foreign god.
Rather than learn from the errors of our forefathers they are content, to the point of destruction, in repeating the same errors and worse.

From what I can tell Renegade is the only bastion of Aryan sanity. Thanks Kyle.

Marshall Wilkinson

The layers of this topic are endless. christianity is heaven for naves who claim their weakness and cowardice as proof of their moral superiority. But not only do they do that but they will actually tell you that as a christian you have the obligation to forgive the person who crossed you but they have no responsibility. They are also a lot like the homosexuals. The more you express a desire for it not to be brought to you the more relentless they become in trying to force on you. Whether by berating you or by slipping it in casually and being smug and passive aggressive about it

My Middle finger to (((JEWsus)))



Can I download this and share it on my bitchute channel?

For who say MR JEWsus was a not a JEW

This is dedicated to the ((( scumbags ))), ((( retards ))), ((( Lunatics ))) who claim that Mr. Jewish Supremacist JEWsus was not a Jew.
The fact is he was not just an ordinary JEW, But a Jewish Supremacist.comment image?1577455941

For who say MR JEWsus was a not a JEW

who was (((JEWsus))) referring to when he spoke of “synagogue of satan”, “who say they are Jews and are not”, “who claim to be Jews though they are not” ??
comment image?1576234841

Yes, the bibliots will suck up anything under the banner of prophecy. This one is telling the faithful that the China, India, Japan, Russia and Ukraine (?) will start a war and destroy Europe in a war that kills 1/3 of the human race.

and the local FundaMENTALS are just totally behind this.


What is it that we have that the jews are so afraid of? Why is so much effort put into our genocide and enslavement? We must have something they are truly afraid of. What is it? They don’t go after anyone else like us. We just want to be left alone.


Some gentiles want to be left alone. Others are used by Jews to manipulate their own people. The pharaoh during Joseph’s time springs to mind. Or Oliver Cromwell.


Reminder that the early Christians were a bunch of swarthy Middle-Easterners, whoo dwelled in the desert and detested everything pure, clean and healthy. Remember also that they were the first who persecuted women for being too intelligent, as the case of Hypatia proves. The image you see below is an illustration of what the assault looked like. So, if you get angry (as you shold) with the mere thought of a white woman hurt, (probably) raped and hacked to pieces by a person of another race, who thinks this act makes him “manly”, well remember the philosopher’s agonizing death. ?1577301981 This photo is a illustration of Hypatia. A Hellenistic philosopher who refused to exchange her beliefs and knowledge for ignorance. Christians didn’t like this and… Read more »


Please tell what is the German song in the beginning of the show ????
Please !!!


Long before there was an excellent series of articles named “All Christians are Cuck” by “Axe of Perun”
It was a wonderful article which clearly illustrated the real aims and motives behind Christianity,
I think the whole series has been removed from renegadetribune, I am quite sure because I searched the whole website, If anyone has any link to it, please do share.


The very eyeopening confessions of Mr. H.W. Rosenthal, who was a member of President Nixon’s administration. The man was killed in a terror attack in Turkey in 1976, maybe as he had boasted too much in public.

On page 13 you find – due to Rosenthal – the most fundamental Jewish lies.

Billy Connerty

My entire life, I’ve repulsed Christanity. Theres just something off about it, how Christans act, talk, think, worship, etc. Everything about them, and their behavior, is just not spiritually welcoming, for me, personally. Christans are just very stubborn and close minded. Whenever I fly an idea to a hardcore Christan, an idea that even remotely rejects a Christian ideal, they immediately and blindly reject it all together, not even taking a second to consider it or think it over. They then correct you and critisize/judge you, oftentimes harshly. They can also be extremely condescending and even narcissistic. Their character is jsut poisoning! Is every Christan like this? No! Many Christans are decent, honest people, some are not! Even then, you cannot classify Chritans in two… Read more »


Boycotting this site despite the good info because you refuse to cease and desist with this Anti-Christ insanity.


@ krista – you aren’t boycotting shit.


“You REFUSE to bow to my god and abandon logic!”
This is why Christianity needs to be purged from our movement. It ALWAYS boils down to “DeUs VuLt! BoW tO mUh GoD oR eLsE!”. Judaic cultists straight up!


LMAO! That’s funny!

On another note, Shaun O’Neill continues to impress us us with his cerebral wit & deft presentation of the important issues…

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comment image


There is something seriously wrong w this dude. He was talking about how he called his daughters vagina a “pussy” the other day. Why the hell was this man toilet training a girl when she has a a mother? And using a pornographic term to “help” her? These creatures are absolutely vile. I’m getting major pedo vibes. ‘Front bottom” wtf?
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Yes there is! The guy is openly telling us what a literal serial wanker he is every opportunity he has & both children can very easily access all his content! Also technically he’s a “step-father” not an actual father – you can literally only “father” a child if you contribute DNA via the natural reproductive method. Statistically step-fathers carry out more child abuse & murder in the home than anyone else collectively. That & the fact that he was more than likely sexually abused himself as a child put him in a very highly suspect category. To reiterate a jewsus quote both Charlie & Kyle used in their recent shows “By their fruits ye shall know them” – “Shaun O’Neill” screams very loudly to the… Read more »


Horrifying glimpses into the minds of these goblins. Another reason to never let your children out of your sight.


Funny how “Krista” just decided to boycott the site now that Kyle’s done a few shows exposing the BS of jewsus & the babble yet Charlie’s been doing the same thing on here week in week out for years! That was why I LMAO earlier. These people are braindead morons LOL!


christians are insane