Blitz: Starting with Sourdough (4-9-10)

Kyle talks about his own experience with sourdough, its history, and why it is a superior kind of bread.

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Hi Kyle, sorry if you’ve already covered this as I haven’t had time to catch up on the few latest shows. Just wondering if you’ve been seeing all the video footage appearing of large cell phone towers being apparently sabotaged recently across the US? It’s unclear to me if all of them have actually been “attacks” by pissed off people or how recent they may indeed be. I love to think that it has been a large wave of very recent events showing that people are finally taking the “law” into their own hands across the country but these days it’s hard to tell. I generally don’t watch TV or read or listen to much media at all so don’t know what the coverage of… Read more »

Borg 7of 9

Off Topic – Baking sourdough bread falls into this category

Mr. Hilter

The good old Canadian Brainwashing Corp,never missing an opportunity to bring up racism even in this “horrible pandemic”I wonder who was making those racist comments,watcha doin rabbi?


So right Mr. Hilter. The original objective of the CBC in 1936 was to bring radio to far off places that couldn’t get it, quality as well. It’s now as you say nothing but a leftist brainwashing Corp,, both radio and television.


jewish brainwashing***


Sinny, I have no idea why you qualified my post. The people at CBC, brainwashing us, are not all Jews. But it is as I said overwhelmingly left wing.


No, it’s overwhelmingly jewish. If you think Catherine Tait isn’t jewish, then you need glasses. Are you part of the “right wing”? Robert Rabinovitch was openly jewish. He served as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Jewish Congress (Québec) until his appointment to the CBC.


Haha! Fucking trolls continuing this “far right” vs “leftist” garbage lol! Are “Mr Hitler” & “Steve” the same person? Very likely – “So right Mr. Hilter” – what terrible acting lol! Here’s the thing – just lately I’ve spoken to numerous people in & out of my circle who would’ve been considered “lefties” & the vast majority of them are finally starting to see right through the BS & saying things I never thought I’d hear come out of their mouths! A few have even said that they actually agreed with me in the past but just didn’t say so until now because they didn’t “believe” that all the cards would be laid on the table like this the way that I had been warning… Read more »


This absurd hair splitting over terms used by people doesn’t do you or Renegade any favours.


We don’t do favors here. We tell the truth.


Sinead, do you think for one blasted second i’m not aware of the Jews at CBC, or at the rest of the Canadian media?!? You don’t live here, I do. My Father-in-Law, an ex journalist use to do some writing for them. I learned a lot about it from him. I repeat, the people at CBC are not ALL Jews. Most of the writing is now done by Jews, but nearly all the broadcasters are non-Jewish. And don’t feed me that crap about I might be part of the ‘right wing’. When I say it’s a leftist organization, that takes in the Jews – obviously.


Yes, I guess I have to live in Canada to see the jews that run the CBC. They’re not “leftists” They’re anti White jews. Of course all the people that work there are not jews but it is run by jews and it’s time to focus on the enemy instead of the pawns. You never answered if you were right wing, so I’ll assume you are.


Sauerkraut also is phenomenal stuff. It’s easy and very good for the gut and immune system. I recommend to go easy on the salt and you’ll have fantastic pickle that you can’t live without. Try cabbage, onion, apple–granny smiths or other sour-types, and celery.