Blitz: Strength Through Joy (12-4-19)

Kyle reads about the Strength Through Joy program and other great policies of National Socialist Germany.

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Anthony Roberts

Mr Hitler had started to create Hyperborea here on this material plane. It would be relatively easy to get White people, and all other races for that matter, back into their natural healthy and happy state. We have to keep showing them that their “governments,” media, big corps and academia are all under jewish supremacist control at present, regardless of which colour you select at the booth. Remove them, and our lands will be free again.

PS Thanks for the show, Kyle. Just hearing these factual accounts should give White men and women the impetus to start fighting back against our ongoing genocide.


The world we have inherited is the result of good men, doing nothing to resist evil. There are so many men and women who know the truth, but are too afraid to ”tell it like it is”, and so we still have countless young people joining the many branches of ZOG military, enforcing the noahide laws wherever jews roam, which is every piece of land under the sun with people on it.
What a pathetic state of affairs we are leaving to the innocent children of the world.


They like to make men more effeminate and women more masculine, it also helps them blend in easier.


The presentation by Matthew Cole was very inspiring. Is it possible to publish that in the Tribune? I’d like a copy of it.

Phil Holmes

Honestly I’d like to see this site shut down, and any “wealthy” belonging to the owners confiscated and given to charity.

Anthony Roberts

Am i seeing things? Did Shylock Holmes actually write the word “honestly?”


LOL! 😀


You can totally have our debt. Just let us know how to transfer it to you.


Renegade’s Rules for Getting Rich:

1: Become the target of genocide.
2: Be labelled a terrorist.
3: Get blacklisted from engaging in commerce.
4: Sit back and watch the money pour in!


Or be visited by the FBI after someone anonymously threatens to harm Kyle/Sinead’s family, lying to the FBI about Renegade planning a terrorist attack, and make a mistake by threatening to harm the people who were probably responsible for making those threats (potential legal penalties), the same people who probably also filed a false report to the FBI in the first place.


Honestly I’d like to see the entire White genocide program shut down and any wealth belonging to the antiWhite perpetrators confiscated and given to White people. In perpetuity. As reparations. Keep overplaying your hand. It could all change in an instant.