Blitz: The Abrahamic Agenda to Deceive, Dominate and Destroy White People (1-16-19)

Kyle triggers himself by playing some clips about how jews shift the blame for the invasion of White lands unless they are bragging about what “humanitarians” they are (outside of Israel of course).

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Interesting show with some really important topics. I have found that a large number of these ZioChristian counter-jihadists are cursed with a sub-saharan IQ and are beyond reasoning with. Although the heebs have a strong tribal cohesion and in-group loyalty, there are many examples of jews targeting their own for the sake of their greater plan, or as Kyle mentions here; the Oded Yinon plan. On June 22 1946 members of the zionist terrorist organization Irgun dressed up as Arabs and blew up King David hotel in Palestine, killing 91 people. 17 of the dead were jews. On January 14 1951 the Israeli government deployed Irgun to toss hand grenades into a synagogue in Baghdad. The motive? To make well of jews in the… Read more »


The people that own the Jews use antisemitism to drive their lesser brethren to obedience. In much the same way that 911 was used to scare Americans into giving up their freedom for the “war on terror”. Before that the cold war kept everyone on both sides under control and gave the governments on both sides an excuse to build up massive military structures and intelligence agencies. It’s a very old system.

What are your thoughts on Chinese influence?
I ask this because in Sydney Australia, and to a lesser degree Melbourne Australia, it is pretty much spot the White man these days.

Sydney central is full of Chinese and when I say full I mean they are literally everywhere.

Melbourne is a bit less Chinese but there is an enormous Indian presence.

This is first hand experience from 10 years ago.

I have researched the Jew problem don’t worry.

Just want to know people’s thoughts about other groups who have a much bigger population – especially the Chinese – and how they could be bribing or coercing politicians as well.

The Chinese wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for jews committing White genocide and flooding our countries. jews control China as well.

Ghost Man O; War

In all fairness though, the J’s did flood China with all European descent inventions/technologies……..Thanks Jews! That damn UN and it’s antisemitism. What was really reversal and two-bit (two shekel or 30 pieces of shekel) swindle speak was when on short termer UN third worlder said, “Look at the MORE than 250 serious violations against UN laws against Israel for human rights violations and genocides!” The Jews media replies ala’ something straight outa’ Uru-Shalam minds, “See, she admits it. Over 200 attacks on Israel by the anti-Semitic UN. That alone “proves” hahahah, proves the hate for Israel, gah!” ahhaah Paraphrasing for humors sake. But this exchange did in all effect happen. Every panelist nodded their heads like those bobble head figures sold at Walmart. UN bobbleheads.… Read more »


I spoke with a jew 5 years ago who was an exchange student from Australia to China in the late 90’s. Israel was embedded in China then, he was offered life in Tel Aviv, but saw himself as an aussie, and all levels of Chinese society knew “Australia will be Chinese in 50 years”. 30 years to go and totally on target.

Anthony Roberts

That cow-Pat really triggers me too. Another brit doing a “steed,” and purposely ignoring all the facts and evidence when it is so blindingly obvious. And like Steed, Tommy R, Nick and Nigel, this POS is working on behalf of the jewish supremacists and their ongoing deception.

PS Great recording Kyle. You have encapsulated a lot of proof here in one hour, and this show needs to get out to our people – fast!


Interesting comment about how the jews are manipulating human instincts. You should read “Rape of the Masses” (1940) by Serge Chatokin, free on He was a communist fighting the national socialists in the 1930s, and the first half of the book describes how the maternal, sexual, nutrition and safety instincts and the jews have stolen the technique and are using it here.


Rabbi claims Islam is Israel’s broom “We control Islam, and we’ll use it to destroy the west.”. Very chilling video about a rabbi talking about destroying Europe and Christianity.


I just heard that a school for negroes was opened in Southern Sicily.
Fifteen years ago my Grandmother refused to allow my degenerate dad to bring his black boyfriend to Sicily because according to her ”they’ve never seen a black person where I’m from”.
It’s all so triggering..
Thanks Kyle for another compilation of infuriating clips where jews openly discuss their alliance with Muslims and their plan to genocide the White race.
I’m glad you eat well and stay fit, otherwise I’d be worried about your blood pressure. Just stay away from smart meters and creepy looking people, heart attack guns are a real thing.

mike angelo

Previous to this post I made favourable comments about this show but I have removed them. The reason being is that I received an email from a well known truthseeker saying that you have insulted me on renegade roundtable.

Here is a copy of his email to me “You know Michael, I had not listened to Kyle on renegade in a long time so listened to his roundtable from last night and was greatly appalled at all the insults about everyone including you.
Well I have noticed Charlie is gone as well. I am so disappointed with all this”.

Anthony Roberts

Mike, unlike the rest of the pro-White “movement,” Kyle and Sinead use facts and evidence to back up their claims. I’m sure if they have misrepresented your character or work, they will be the first to admit they were wrong, and communicate that here, on air, or in private like perhaps you should have done first.

They are being attacked by hundreds of (((truthseekers))) on a daily basis, so haven’t the luxury, like your very concerned email friend, of going through everyone’s work with a fine-tooth comb. I’m sure you will get a response.

Who the hell are you? You’re not important enough for us to talk about.

mike angelo

Gee thanks. I didn’t think I was either.

Do you always take people’s words as fact and come into a comments section making accusations without investigating anything yourself?

mike angelo


Anthony Roberts

Who are you? Who am i? Who are you!?! Who arrrre you? (Sorry Sinead, a certain “body of the papal” truthseeker came to mind lol).


I believe one of the biggest problems with our society today is excess individualism. And I also know nothing about the situation you are referring to. But Kyle is running this site day after day virtually by himself, for no profit. So I do give him credit for something. I’am presently suspended from a White forum, albeit temporarily for something I still feel justified in saying. Get a hold of yourself please!

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