Blitz: The Conspiracy to Control and Kill Clairvoyants (1-17-19)

Kyle talks about clairvoyance, rh- blood, how the government used gifted people for intelligence gathering, and how our corrupt rulers do not want the people to be powerful.

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Those traits for Rh negative people was pretty interesting, my mother’s side and myself are all O negative and most if not all of those points are familiar. The IQ bit I’ve picked up on before hearing the list, my Opa was a chemist and my mother and I are both fairly intelligent as well (I don’t say that to brag, if anything I have terribly low self esteem so I’m just repeating what other people have told me). Empathy is big in our family, for others and for the environment, we all have vivid dreams, my Oma has had precog dreams and seen ghosts, our eyes change colours (my Oma and Opa have blue eyes, my mum has green eyes and I have hazel… Read more »


Yeah, good point…Charlemaine slaughtering the Basque culture…Indigenous European


Charlemagne had to be a jew…


High altitudes could be an affinity for mountains.

I think of the Basque people (largely rh-) who dwell in and around the French and Spanish Pyrenees border. Ancient culture with a language that cannot be “traced” to a mother tongue. Many stone circles–said to be associated with star clusters –remain in these parts of the world…

I have type O- blood and have had weird things happen with electronics all of my life. Kyle has the same issue. Our computers get fried randomly, and one time I even had a laptop seemingly explode. The disc drive was blown out and melted. When we go for walks, the street lights often flicker. It’s weird. I wish I knew what i all meant.


I am A+ but had to comment when I saw you mention the street lights. I often throughout my life had street lights turn off when I approach them. Never heard anybody else mention this before so when I read it brought back memories of being a teenager and noticing this many times at night walking. Too many times to be a coincidence. I often wondered if it meant anything also. But as I mentioned I am not a negative blood type.

Tabitha Wolfram

Interesting show, I always appreciate information on RH negative blood. I myself am A- and have known since I was a child that I had different blood. I didn’t know at the time what it exactly meant, but it was just one more thing that set me apart from my peers. I was always a misfit and did not want to conform to what I felt were low standards. In regards to strange occurrences with electronics, this is due to a higher acidity level in the blood. This video sheds some light on the subject, but the woman who presents the material is a bible believer. I have heard stories of RH- people shorting out electronics before, but I have not had this happen to… Read more »


Targeted Individual

Anthony Roberts

Damn it kyle! You child of the sun, you! “Something” told me to order some prods this morning, and that was before listening to this thought-provoking (mind altering?) show. What exactly did they do to you at goo-gel hq…hmm? So, tell Sinead to stop dreaming about clouds & flying, and get her to channel her trad energy on rushing me my eyebrow relaxant cream, bicep-cellulite removal scrub and the new pheromone attraction spray: MGTOW – “The es-scents of being dominant” ™. PS Only joshing guys. I encourage everyone to go to Sinead’s wonderful site, and even if you can only afford one small item ( all products are natural, competitively priced and made with love & care), you will be helping this young White… Read more »

Thank you Anthony! I always throw in a free item for international shipments (and often domestic ones as well) Everyone loves free stuff.


I am O- as well and have the gift of the second sight. I wish I knew how to use it but it just manifests itself at random times. I also have a lot of the characteristics of rh- for instance I’m pregnant with my third atm and each pregnancy as been rough. My family is also from the highlands of Scotland. It’s interesting that most information about Rh- blood types is suppressed or even non existent. My children have had blood work done and I’ve asked to know what their blood types are but was told no, hmmm.

Please don’t take the rhogam shot! It’s unnecessary and dangerous. You can test your children’s blood types at home with an eldon card, which can be ordered on amazon. That is very creepy that they won’t give you information on your own children. This is a good reason to avoid doctors as they’re not actually there to help us or our children.


According to a comprehensive study, the worldwide frequency of Rh-positive and Rh-negative blood types is approximately 94% and 6%, respectively. The same study concluded that the share of the population with Rh-negative blood type is set to fall further in the future primarily due to low population growth in Europe .

There’s Graphs with the world wide stats and Asians across the board have less than 1% Arabs have a bit but that could have been from the aryans they enslaved in the battles .

Very interesting and good show


rh- I think o- is purest non rh+.They dont do rh testing anymore on couples I read.You can order kits online.

Tabitha Wolfram

The anti-miscegenation law was ruled unconstitutional in 1967 after the Loving v. Virginia case.
The RhoGam vaccine was approved by the FDA in 1968.
Probably just a massive cohencidence.

Tabitha Wolfram

I found this quote on a page about (((corpse medicine))). Abuse of RH – people goes way back: “Take the fresh, unspotted cadaver of a redheaded man (because in them the blood is thinner and the flesh hence more excellent) aged about twenty-four, who has been executed and died a violent death. Let the corpse lie one day and night in the sun and moon—but the weather must be good. Cut the flesh in pieces and sprinkle it with myrrh and just a little aloe. Then soak it in spirits of wine for several days, hang it up for 6 or 10 hours, soak it again in spirits of wine, then let the pieces dry in dry air in a shady spot. Thus they will… Read more »


thx for the show