Blitz: The Kyle Canary in the Sheol Mine (6-17-20)

Kyle reads the report about himself from the jewish supremacist website Canary Mission.

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“The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”


Dirty jewish liars;/ And yes, if their commie style censorship( and infiltration) was not there we could make a breakthrough along time ago.Only my version of Hellstorm with Bulgarian subtitles back in 2015 had more than 500k views for a month. Then jewube cheka came know the story


If it wasn’t for censorship, I’d have a Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Minds, and Gab account with at least 3k subscribers. On some sites like Youtube, I’d probably have tens of thousands by now. But like you, myself, and many others have experienced; they shut us down. Meanwhile the upmost degenerate content can stay up, Anti-White Genocidal content can stay up. What a joke. Then we have obvious feds like Adam Green up there still with over 122k subscribers. That should say all we need to know about KnowMoreNews, since we know first hand how censorship on ZOGtube works. If I was still up on Youtube I’d be very direct with my message. But that hasn’t been possible for awhile. They shut my new channels down… Read more »


JewMoreNews ;/ and his fav guest BJerknes -jew with family cons with US army and NATO and his buddy Robert Sepher ;/


Ah yes, Sepher who claims that Irish people are one of the lost tribes of israel.


he was on a stream ( in the audience )when I was asking Green why he is refusing to ask Bjerknes about his family connections in army intelligence and their role in the creation of a- bomb. Rabbi Sepher was there!


But I dont think he is claiming that Irish were “Jews” in the way we know them now. More that Jews hijacked old European myths to make their Bible and have it centered around the bloodthirsty and cunning servants of Jehovah.

Now, completely fair to think that it is all rubbish, but I don’t see Robert Sepehr as a shill or something. Are there other reasons people are mistrusting of him? I’ve never seen him referred to as “Rabbi” before.


In fairness, Atlantean Gardens is an alternative history channel not a political channel. It is not like he is providing a limited hangout with regards to White Genocide or Jewish control. He is just discussing other things, which are important I think because the traditional history we have been told has less proof and makes less sense than alternative views. The only thing traditional history has going for it, is that it was simply agreed upon as the truth. Most of the videos ( Atlantean Gardens ) are pretty well sourced in my understanding. Or when there’s limited proof he says so but provides circumstantial reasons why it makes more sense than the traditional narrative. I haven’t watched his Ancient Israelite videos, so I’ll reserve… Read more »


He’s pushing that it’s just the sabatean jews when we know it’s more than just sabatean jews. It’s world jewry that’s the problem.


Could it be possible that he is just lacking courage or misled as opposed to being a shill/agent? The main reason I feel the need to defend him is not to clear Robert Sepehr’s name per se, but because a lot of the Atlantean Gardens videos actually are very accurate and well done ( like the one I linked above ). So I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. On top of that, I feel that exposing the truth about Europe’s true history is important when there has been a tremendous conspiracy to make Northern Europe prior to Christianity out as primitive savages. And thus that there is no logical reason to avoid race mixing because every race had their… Read more »


Robert Sepehr also does not promote that NSDAP Germany was evil which I consider a huge sign he isn’t shilling. He was basically defending them from people who dismiss NS era archaeological research as unimportant. On top of that, I know Joe Sevenson corresponded with him in making his book “The Vinlanders” because Sepehr is mentioned in the opening pages.

All that said, I don’t blame you for being mistrustful of someone with 140,000 subscribers on youtube.


“The Fetch” also praises NS but then shills hard for Trump, perpetuates the left/right divide & basically promotes the idea that voting in the current system is relevant in the same shows. ANYONE who is mashing up all these mixed ideas in their shows & especially someone still on Youtube with large subscriber bases is at the very least suspect. We don’t have time for mixed messages & distraction so if the baby doesn’t eventually learn to climb out of the bath then it gets flushed & we move on.


“We don’t have time for mixed messages”

There we can completely agree, and I’ll end my diatribe here. I was simply taken aback by seeing Sepehr mentioned with the likes of Bjerkenes et al… I stand by what I said as truthful, but there’s more important things.


You made Hellstorm !?!?
I love you man, thank you so much for this.

Anthony Roberts

Haha, even when the jewish supremacists are logging your every word, they can never challenge the actual facts. They know we are right, so can only distract with lies, smears and their tired victim status. They truly are psychopathic-autists.

P.S. Good job, mate. Getting them to ‘canary’ the truth in so much detail, is no mean feat. And this is why Renegade, the only group not controlled by them, are always (purposely) ignored by their media.

Robert Heimdal

These are the hook-nosed goblins we are fighting against. Download these kinds of videos before the get (((deleted)))

‘Israel’s Internet Censorship War – If Americans Knew (mirror)’ (April 11, 2018)

Fred Brown

Oy vey ze anti-semitic conspiracy theory lol. Al the usual slimy smears, take it as a badge of honor Kyle, it signifies success for you. They usually prefer to ignore but if they start sounding off it means they cannot afford to ignore you anymore. I see your stats are up, not surprising in the current climate of the USA.

Steve the bicyclist

There’s a new show promoting the race war against Whites.


Posted by cracka world @
(They currently have 1.12k subs. While I was writing this is jumped to 2.3k. About 5 minutes looking up the link.) The website seems to be only about shirt sales.

It seems to be not network based. But jew knows. It’s slick looking and probably to well done to be made by apes.

Creepy stuff. It has the smell of bait to it. The comments are very antijew.
It’s hard to say if it’s real or not.


Great quotes, they done you proud!

Robert Heimdal

[Off Topic] These look like good news – jew-porn gets a backlash. The numbers given are a bit suspect though. Check:

‘Adult film star Ron Jeremy charged with rape, sexual assault’ (June 23, 2020) by MSN