Blitz: The Paris Talmud Burning of 1242 and Revenge of the Jew (4-17-19)

Kyle talks about the recent burning of Notre Dame and how it could have been jewish lightning, a false flag, and fuel to the fire of the clash of civilizations. He then reads about the history of the Talmud being dragged to the light in Paris and eventually burned, with jews still kvetching about it today.

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Very informative show. Thanks Kyle for all you do.


One thing that comes to mind, seeing as how the “Mosque shooting” event was exactly one month before the Notre Dame fire… I wonder if there’s going to be this back and forth tit-for-tat attacks between muslims and christians (false flags) ending with the dome of the rock getting blown up which would be blamed on christian fundamentalists.
The jews would get to claim the land and build their 3rd temple, and sit pretty while there’s all kinds of levels of chaos between the christian and muslim peoples.
Especially with all of these Gematria people pointing to the date of August 11th. Will have to wait and see.

Ragnar Fan

The Christchurch shooting looks so fake. I have noticed how the supposed shooter stopped and waited for the red robed man to walk past, then when he was at his location another red robed man appeared. No dust, wall damage, and piles of bodies stacked up against both sides supposedly dead, though he could not have killed them all – and most were piled there before he even started shooting. And he was not aiming but shooting from the hip. There is no way people would just pile up in response to gun fire. It’s all a crappy psyop. The manifesto contains some truth though. However it is just weird in general and is only targeting the small number of people who would actually read… Read more »

Max Linus

What looked strange to me was that he fired a brief, 1-second volley into both crowds and that apparently killed 40 people stone-cold instantly. And yes, they were neatly piled up to boot. However, some people who’ve been in combat claim that it looked realistic, so I just don’t know at this point.


Sometimes if you shut out all the noise from the static, you may actually hear truth. The media is a circus and for those that are swayed easily will soon become the showcase.


The good old truther “Pmtmr” aka “Jim How” talks about 100 years of Arson in this video here ->

Talks about how many of arsons in the past in the US were these people inside job including the 1918 Cloquet fire and others.

This guy lost thousands of videos talking about many interesting subjects, his two channels were wiped out in the first purge of YT 2 years ago. His two channels “return of pmtmr” and “jim how” had thousands of videos and are gone down the memory hole forever.

Ragnar Fan

I watched hundreds of his videos, and have many saved – possibly hundreds. I’ve got a good backup of lots of banned videos.


He was my favourite truth teller. I’ve only got a few of his videos where he talks about AH.
These videos aren’t anywhere, they’ve been removed and can’t be found anywhere and it’s interesting his take on things.–_part_1.mp4/file–_part_2.mp4/file–_part_3.rar/file–_part_4.rar/file

One of my favourite videos of his was his 38 minute long The great satanic conspiracy (extended version) that was on his deleted channel. You wouldn’t have it have you?

Can you upload the backup of his videos anywhere ? And the ones that aren’t the same ones that have been uploaded like on or Bitchute etc?

Do you have the video of Jim flipping out and punching his camera? Those were really good optics. Made him look really mentally stable.


Pmtmr had some of the most interesting videos out there. No matter what it was it was always interesting to listen to he kinda had a good tone to tell stories.

One of my favourite ones that was on his deleted channel was “The great satanic conspiracy (extended version)” that was like 38 minutes long. You wouldn’t happen to have it would you?

Would you be able to upload those backup videos somewhere? The ones that aren’t the same ones that are already on either or Bitchute…

Lotti Von Hesse

This was a great show, Kyle! Yes – our enemies will hold a grudge forever! I believe that The Morganthau Plan, cooked up by jews and written by that evil man, states that every last German should be exterminated! Morganthau wanted Germany wiped off the face of the earth, and it was going to be replaced by France and Poland, but why? Because the Germans threw them out of their country and defended themselves from the allied countries that wanted to murder us! I also know that the jews have never forgiven Spain for throwing them out either – but you are right, Kyle – the Conversos remained in Spain! France also kicked them out several times, but I noticed when reading the long list… Read more »


The Young Turks were Donmeh jews.


Good show. Like that ending too.
Have to say at this stage I am pretty negative on the chances of our people doing anything to stem the tide.
Things are moving so fast over here in Australia it’s very hard to stay positive.
Though having 3 kids I have to hope something will wake the public from their slumber.
Worrying times we find ourselves in.