Blitz: The Pedophocracy, Part III – Uncle Sam Wants Your Children & Part IV – McMolestation (1-9-19)

Part III covers Michael Aquino, the Presidio child abuse coverup, West Point’s 666 Daycare center, and other such incidents involving the armed forces. Part IV covers the McMartin child abuse travesty and how so many people who were so obviously guilty got away.

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Zapoper the degenerate . Keep up the great work Kyle.

Anthony Roberts

Harrowing. Until we have a government for our people, and a free, investigative media as a check on that power, our children will never be safe. This is upsetting to hear, but needs to be aired to understand the level of depravity we are up against.

Allison MacPherson

Is this behavior connected with the Sabbatean-Frankist’s redemption through sin messianic ideology, which advocated deviant, sexual perversions as a way of “forcing” the Hebrew messiah to appear? I’ve read the Rothschilds are Sabbatean-Frankists. Or is it blackmail tactics gone awry via high-level Freemasonry? Or does this bizzarre ritualist behavior go back even further and is now so entrenched within our systems, post WW2, that it is increasingly out in the open? all three? Never mind those who criticize this information reveal to humanity at large. It is excellent journalism and a most kind and loving act. Your goodness has been recorded within the marrow of the Cosmos. Not everyone is strong enough to process this level of malevolence.


If you haven’t read Pedophocracy by Dave McGowan yourself, I suggest you do. As hard as it is to ascribe any positive adjectives to such a nightmarish relaying of events, Kyle does provide a good narration, but taking the time to read it yourself, is very shaking. These events are ongoing, and everyday we waste ignoring reality, more children’s lives are utterly destroyed. Some of these children survive, but they are never the same, and they are cast out into society with their trauma’s totally ignored, amongst us, amongst our children. Some of these children appear to ”go crazy”, they get into drugs and ”become bad seeds”. Human beings don’t just ”go crazy” for nothing, they are made crazy by living through horrific life altering… Read more »