Blitz: The Pedophocracy, Part V – It Couldn’t Happen Here & Part VI – Finders Keepers (1-10-19)

Kyle concludes the Pedophocracy series with sections about a child care center in Florida that should have never happened in a sane society and how the CIA effectively covered up one of their insane child trafficking operations based out of DC.

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Robert Heimdal
5 years ago

Thanks for these readings Kyle. I’ve been listening to the four podcasts. It’s a pity McGowan wasn’t able to see through the deceiving fog of so-called “Evil-Nazis”. The connection between National Socialist Germany and these pedo-rings is so flimsy (not to say non-existent) that it really boggles the mind. This serious report gets a bit stained because those damned assumptions, didn’t McGowan see the obvious Jewish connection with blood libel? was he being dishonest about it?. In spite of this the Pedophocracy Report should be of obligatory reading/listening. I agree the unveiling of Pedophilia/Pederasty in higher spheres of power is the weapon by which these so-called elites should crumble down at last.

5 years ago

Don’t listen to the morons telling you now to expose these people. Great and terrifying series of broadcasts.

If this doesn’t motivate people to strive toward something better nothing will.

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