Blitz: The Power of a Plant-Based Diet (10-24-19)

Kyle talks about the various arguments for veganism, brings up The Game Changers documentary, debunks carnism, plays some MacDougall and Campbell, and read some quotes.

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Anthony Roberts

This debate, in my humble opinion, can be split into three distinct arguments: Animal cruelty, personal health and the jewish industrial complex of agriculture, medicine, insurance, processed foods, marketing etc. Even if your own wellbeing, or that of animals, is of a low priority to you, by eating a plant-based diet, you can starve the jewish supremacists of your hard-earned money, at their generic “super” markets, sickness centres and fat-food outlets. Plant-based is pro-White. PS Thought-provoking show, Kyle – thanks. I choose to put animal welfare at the top of my list, even if it meant losing 10-15yrs of my genetic lifespan – which it doesn’t. The hypocrisy of treating dogs, cats or horses as members of your family, but being knowingly blind to the… Read more »


That wrap looks really tasty.

daphne rimmel

Why don’t you put on that shirt that says KIKE for us why you cram this trash down the throat of your audience. Throw up that fashole sign, too, hey, while you are at it, to distract us for your cheap ass dyed trashy hair, put on that other shirt that says how much you LOVEJEWS.


Hi Fatney. I see that you still are jealous of women that have hair that doesn’t fall out to the point of needing to wear fake eyelashes and shave it off like an MK slave. We all really look forward to your next enlightening comment here. I’d love to do a fitness competition with you to see who is healthier and in better shape but I don’t think you’d be able to make it through the first 5 minutes without dying. I’m always down though, just let me know!


Obviously a simple troll using her name but funny to respond to nonetheless considering what a complete & utter mess the real fatney is lol!


It had her bacon grease e mail along w it, but who knows.


HAHA! “bacon grease e mail” – that makes it even funnier! 😀

That poor girl… I never watched any of her stuff until her MK Ultra meltdown vid. Her audience pandering and self glorification was just so pathetic, and then the head shave at the end… wow
I’m pretty sure her ”subscribers” are just a bunch of IDF kids inflating her ego.
No one likes to watch a train wreck, except maybe jews.

Also, that wrap really does look tasty.
So much more flavor and enjoyment than a greasy BLT, and no fear of a heart attack after eating it either!


remember when john smith said he would never be able to top the show he did with fatney and her junkie friend who gave out “health” advice while smoking cigarettes? he may have been right.


Thanks Kyle. I’ve always been moved and impressed by both of you in your attitude and insight on this subject, something I learned about the hard way, when I worked on farms as a young lad, a long, long time ago.
Under attack ever since, I learned to leave the human pond life alone, to their own devices. Look at them!
Sometimes I doubt they will ever learn.


I went through a brief phase where I hunted only and didn’t eat store bought meat(from like the ages 19-21/22?), not an obscene amount mind you but I came to the conclusion it was unnecessary as well and stopped eating meat altogether as well probably 4-5 years ago before I was even really wise to all this(or just starting to be).

Dairy was easier to drop, I remember going to a farm for a school field trip when I was like 6-7 and realizing milk actually came from cows. Just completely grossed me out, most other kids I remember being grossed out as well but milk/calcium has been drilled into people’s heads for so long they don’t get it.


Very well presented Kyle! As you know, a whole food-plant based diet has made a huge impact in my life and the life of someone that I love. Keep hammering!


Thanks for this show Kyle. I don’t know why anybody would complain about the content. You cannot resist if you are not well. I went 80-10-10 somewhere around 2009, the raw way, but it is too cold here to keep it up. I am not perfect, I slip here and there, but I know where I need to be to feel the best. The show like this and the movies like The game changers help me to keep up on the path. It sounds stupid, because I already know everything I need to know about it. I have been promoting 80-10-10 for years and I have zero converts. People are more inclined to listen if they get sick, or if they know somebody who gets… Read more »

Léon Degrelle

Interesting podcast. I no a problem with vegetarian or vegan diets, my Dad’s first girl friend (not my mother) was a vegan herself, so he ended up being a temporary vegan before meeting my Mom. For argument’s sake it doesn’t matter how differently prehistoric humans may have eaten when a healthier diet is possible, as long they are knowledgeable enough to know how to follow a healthy diet. I guess many of you have noticed that critics of vegan diets like to use examples of some oddball internet personalities who are malnourished for not knowing how to eat a healthy vegan diet. From Marie Cachet, she’s married to Varg Vikernes (Louis Cachet). Another reason of it’s good for people to have vegetable gardens in… Read more »


Marie also thinks that people with autism are superioir. I’ll take gardening advice from someone who isn’t married to a murderer who thinks we are genociding ourselves.