Blitz: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case (8-7-19)

Kyle reads the first part of Whitney Webb’s series of articles that puts the Epstein case in much greater context.

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1 year ago

I feel like an idiot for supporting Trump like I have. Thanks for putting this info out and I will be supporting you here from now on. I just wish more was archived to listen to but it’s fine!

Reply to  Jonathan
1 year ago

Every single show that’s been done on this network is archived.

1 year ago

Oh Eppy was found deaded in his cell today. Does that mean he was given a different identity and now lives in shitrael ? Death doesn’t necessarily mean physical death, its the death of his caricature, most likely has another ident and some surgery.

One to watch would be Yuri Bezmenov on YT, who expounds on how commie agents were infesting the US since the late 70s into the 80s and most likely well before that because he appeared in the 80s to “tell all”, so I imagine this was going on post WW2, that critical shift in world ethos.

1 year ago this explains a lot, for those who are interested

Reply to  Kathy
1 year ago

Oh yes, let’s listen to the jew from isaeli news live to get the REAL facts. Are you kidding me Kathy?

1 year ago

Good show. Now do a show on the fact that all these spree killers believe in christian end times. Keep up the podcasts as written texts are now being manipulated, mirror sites created, and intelluctuals being boxed in. One thing the jews can’t manipuate as easy are talking voices.

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