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4 years ago

I don’t know how I missed this show. I’m really glad you covered this topic though. I’ve always had a great curiosity about the Druids. They’re alternately painted as either good guys or the ancestors of the current cabal we are facing. I liked the explanation provided here and it makes a lot of sense. As for the sacred groves there are biblical references to those who worshiped in groves as being the pagan enemies of yah-gay. There are also “heroic” stories of that god ordering said groves to be destroyed. I always assumed (as do most christians today and as they’re taught,) that these things took place in the Middle East but after hearing this show I wonder if the biblical accounts actually took… Read more »

Reply to  Jmcaul
4 years ago

If you’re going to down vote a comment don’t be a passive-aggressive coward about it. Leave a reply with your point of contention. Otherwise you’re just a mangy hyena nipping at peoples heels then running and hiding under a rock. Have some self respect.

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