Blitz: They Hate Us for Our Freedom of Speech (5-22-19)

Kyle talks about the ongoing push to eradicate freedom of speech so that jewish crimes, particularly White genocide, cannot be exposed any further.

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1 year ago

Weird that The Onion pub’d this satire in 2011

“Overcome Stress By Visualizing It As A Greedy, Hook-Nosed Race Of Creatures”
2m 39s:

Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

lol – that is rich!

Foster XL
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

HAHAHAHAHA! Amazing that was even made in the first place let alone still up on YT! Comments are just as hilarious 😀

The Bull
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

Dam, That’s one funny! the comments to it golden. F’n Grabblers, I got get that lady’s book!

Jan Swinnen
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

Those comments killed me, omg long time ago I had such a good laugh😄

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